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3m espe pentamix 2 manualWe would appreciate any suggestions for improvements. 3M ESPE AG 2002 Subject to technical modifications without prior notice. Accordingly, the service engineer must not fail to read this service manual before carrying out any repair work. It must be accessible at all times at the place where the machine is being operated. The owner must lay down precise rules regarding the area of responsibility, the duties and the supervision of the personnel. If the personnel are not in possession of the necessary skills then they should be trained and instructed in these. The unit is suitable for either tabletop use or wall mounting. See the operating instructions for the PENTAMIX 2 for how to fill, insert and start up a cartridge. Pentamix. Connect the PENTAMIX 2 to the power supply using the power cable and make a functional check.This will help you to reassemble the PENTAMIX 2 later on. Pentamix. Changing left-hand side cover 1. Remove case base - see section 5.3 2. Carefully remove case lid left using a screwdriver for slotted-head screws 3. This firstly ensures that the traverse does not tilt when moved and secondly, prevents excessive wear to the feed motor gears. Insert remaining recessed-head screws 12. Insert left-hand side cover and push down 13. Insert recessed and countersunk head screws 14. Insert right-hand side cover and push down 15. Also check the wiring. A final check should be carried out on the unit according to the respective test specifications whenever repairs have been performed. CAUTION The applicable regulations must be observed when working on electrical equipment. Includes original manual. ” The item may be missing original packaging and may have been used for testing or demo purposes. The item includes accessories found with the original product and may include a warranty. See the seller's listing for full details and description. Includes original manual. ”.

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As with all units, for safe operation, both the standard safety instructions and the special safety instructions in this operating manual must be carefully followed to ensure correct functioning and safety while operating. 3M ESPE guarantees for trouble-free operation of the Pentamix system only if 3M ESPE system components are used exclusively. 1. The unit must only be used in strict accordance with the following instructions. We have no liability for any damage arising from any other or improper use of this unit. 2. A dangerous condition can result from condensation build-up. Before using the unit, allow the unit to reach room temperature, particularly when moving it from a colder to a warmer environment. 3. The power plug must be connected into a suitably grounded socket. If using an extension cable, make sure that the ground line is not interrupted. 4. Position the device so that the power plug is accessible at all times. 5. The unit must be securely placed either on a flat non-skid surface or mounted to a stable, reenforced wall. 6. Use only Penta materials in poly bags in combination with the Penta cartridges and Penta mixing tips, manufactured by 3M ESPE. 7. Close the cover of the unit before operating. 8. Do not lock the start button. Continuous operation is hazardous. 9. Always turn off the unit and disconnect the plug from the power source before changing the plunger discs. 10. When changing the plunger discs, you must position the smooth side of the new discs to coincide with the poly bag surface (the opposite side of the discs with a fan-shaped design should face toward the plunger rods). Otherwise the poly bag might be damaged. 11. In order to avoid any electrical shock, do not insert any objects into the unit. 12. Use only genuine 3M ESPE parts when replacing defective components as directed in these operating instructions. We have no liability for any damage caused by the use of non-3m ESPE parts or failure to fully comply with these operation instructions. 13. If, for any reason, it is possible that the safety of a unit has been compromised, that unit must be removed from operation and identified in such a way that it is not inadvertently operated again by a third party. For example, do not use unit if it does not work as specified or is visibly damaged. 14. Keep solvents, inflammable liquids and powerful heat sources away from the unit as these may damage the plastic housing. 15. Do not allow cleansers to get into the unit during cleaning; an electrical short or a dangerous malfunction may occur. 16. Only a properly trained, authorized technician should open the unit housing and repair the unit. 3 4 2. Description of the Product Pentamix 3, manufactured by 3M ESPE, is an automatic mixing unit for processing of Penta impression materials. Penta impression materials, manufactured by 3M ESPE, were specifically designed for this device and are supplied in specialized poly bags. Only this form of packaging permits the use in the Pentamix device. Each Penta poly bag is sealed with a PentaMatic sealing cap. The external geometry of the sealing cap ensures proper positioning on the cartridge. After the Pentamix device is started up, a special internal device opens the poly bag once sufficient pressure is established by the plunger. The connection pieces located on the PentaMatic sealing caps serve for proper attachment of the mixing tip. The cartridges, labeled like the product, and the PentaMatic sealing caps are the components of a mechanically sound unit for processing of pastes in the Pentamix device that allows a change of products without intermediate cleaning of the device and no loss of paste. The Pentamix 3 unit is compatible with all Penta cartridges and Penta mixing tips. Steel-reinforced Penta cartridges (recognizable by the metal ring) and red Penta mixing tips are required to utilize the performance capability of the Pentamix 3 unit (e.g., maximum mixing speed) to the full. When cartridges made completely of plastic and materials which do not satisfy requirements are used, the unit automatically adjusts the mixing speed as a precaution or issues an error message (see Failures and Error Messages). In case of using an extension cable make sure that the ground line is not interrupted. To install the power plug, use the hand wheel to retract the mixing shaft and tip the unit forward. Open the cover on the back of the housing by pressing the lever in the direction of the arrow. Thread the power cord through the opening in the cover and connect it to the unit s power input. Replace the cover on the back of the unit and draw the power cord through the cable channel either toward the rear or to the side. Connect the Pentamix 3 unit to the power supply and switch on the unit with the power switch on the right side of the device. Pentamix 3 can be placed on any flat surface being supplied as unskidding. Connect the power plug to the power supply and turn on the unit at the power plug. After blinking twice, the operating LED indicates the unit is ready for operation by burning steadily. Pentamix 3 can also be mounted to a suitable wall. The plungers now are in uppermost position (Fig. e). Fig. e 8 Hold the cartridge by the locking handle and insert it into the unit parallel to the unit opening (Fig. f). Fig. f 6 7 8 Use the hand wheel to move the plungers forward until the plungers markedly touch the poly bags (Fig. g). Fig. g The mixing process cannot be started until the plungers touch the poly bags. 8 Attach a mixing tip prior to begin mixing (refer to next section) Inserting a Pentamix 2 Cartridge 8 Open the access door of the unit (Figure). 8 Use the hand wheel to retract the plungers until they stop. The plungers now are in uppermost position (Figure). 8 Insert the cartridge into the unit parallel to the unit opening (Figure). 8 Use the hand wheel to move the plungers forward until the plungers markedly touch the poly bags (Figure). The mixing process cannot be started until the plungers touch the poly bags. 8 Attach a mixing tip prior to begin mixing (refer to next section). To remove it from the unit, lift the Pentamix 2 cartridge from below by the cartridge handle with one finger. 5.3 Attaching the Mixing Tip. Always attach a mixing tip before use. Poly bags equipped with a PentaMatic sealing cap exclusively must be used with Penta mixing tips Attaching the Mixing Tip on a Pentamix 3 Cartridge 8 Release the lock by lifting the locking lever (Fig.Press again to insure that the mixing tips are seated tightly on the outlet openings (Fig. l). 7 8 Fig. j Fig. k Fig. l 8 Press the locking handle down until it audibly clicks into place (Fig. m). Fig. m Attaching the Mixing Tip on a Pentamix 2 Cartridge 8 Open the access door of the unit. 8 Release the locking lever. 8 First place the mixing tips only on the mixing shaft (Fig. j). Turn slightly to align the openings of the mixing tips with the corresponding outflow openings on the cartridges (Fig. k). Attach the mixing tips. Press again to insure that the mixing tips are seated tightly on the outlet openings (Fig. l). 8 Press the locking lever down until it audibly clicks into place. 8 Close the access door of the unit. 5.4 Starting a New Cartridge When starting a new pair of poly bags, first of all the pressure in the cartridge has to build up evenly. Both poly bags open automatically after some 5-15 seconds due to the pressure exerted by the plunger. This event is easy to hear. Catalyst and base paste bags may not open at exactly the same time. 8 9 Once the bags are open, one paste may flow out before the other paste producing an uneven mixing ratio. For this reason, always make sure to check whether both pastes flow into the mixer and do not apply the paste until the mixture shows a homogeneous color (Fig. n). Fig. n After mixing the mixing tip remains on the cartridge as a seal! 5.5 Loading the Impression Tray and Penta Elastomer Syringe 8 Press the start button. Please note: A few seconds pass before the paste becomes visible in the mixing tip. The unit only functions as long as the start button is pressed. The brief continued running of the unit which is audible is due to technical reasons and relieves the pressure on the poly bags, keeping the paste extrusion after stoppage to a minimum. Do not arrest the start button in order to avoid dangerous situations and continuous working. For safety reasons, use the unit only with closed access door. 8 Tilt the tray to load it. If the mixing procedure is interrupted for more than 30 sec, the material inside the mixing tip begins to harden and a new mixing tip must be assembled (refer to 5.3 Attaching the Mixing Tip ). If the mixer is operated while containing hardened material, the catalyst nipple of the sealing cap can be damaged or may break away. 8 Put the Penta Elastomer Syringe, manufactured by 3M ESPE, (after removing the plunger) with its rear opening directly onto the mixing tip and press the start button (Fig. q). 9 10 Fig. q CAUTION: Not all Penta impression materials can be syringed. Please refer to the instructions for use of the respective product. 5.6 Re-starting a Partly Empty Cartridge After prolonged storing (especially silicones) clean the openings of the cartridge caps from possible plugs using an instrument. If necessary, start the unit without the mixer in order to control the flow of the paste. Attach a new mixing tip and start the mixing process. The filling level indicator allows control of the filling quantity. The unit turns off automatically once it is completely empty: 5.7 Exchanging a Cartridge If a cartridge is nearly empty, it is recommended to have a second cartridge at hand, ready for use, to be able to exchange quickly. This cartridge should be prepared as under 5.4 Starting a New Cartridge. Utilization capacity time of the mixing tip: refer to Deposal of Used-up Materials Dispose of used mixing tips and emptied poly bags together with residual garbage. 6. Failures and Error Messages Failure Cause Remedy The unit will not run. Poly bags empty. Insert new poly bags in the cartridge. Plungers are not in starting position. Use the hand wheel to move the plungers up against the poly bags. The unit runs but does not extrude impression material. Material has set in the mixing tip. Attach a new mixing tip. The plungers are jammed. Check freedom of movement by turning the hand wheel The paste flows too slowly or not at all. Replace defective poly bag. 10 11 Impression material is extruded but the rotor in the tip does not rotate. The cartridge will not fit into the unit. The drive shaft has not engaged the mixing tip, it is stuck in its top position. Plungers are not in the uppermost position. The cartridge receptacle is dirty. Remove the mixing tip. Turn the plungers several times up to their upper limit thus regaining axial mobility. Attach new mixing tip. Use the hand wheel to move the plungers up until they stop and hold. Check the plunger discs for damage. Clean the cartridge receptacle. The unit does not switch off. The start button is stuck. Press the start button again or unplug the unit and free the start button. The plungers are difficult to retract. Poly bag is wedged between the cartridge and the plunger. Retract plunger against the resistance, replace defective plunger discs. Plungers are blocked. Poly bag not yet relieved. Start up the unit briefly (1 sec.) to relieve the poly bags. Failure Cause Remedy Operating LED does not light up. No power to the unit. Check the power plug at the unit and the outlet to make sure it has been firmly connected. Operating LED blinks Unit electronics defective. Please contact our Service continually. Single audio signal when start button is pushed. Single audio signal during mixing. Double audio signal when start button is pushed. Five-time audio signal when start button is pushed. Plungers are not in starting position. Mixing shaft is not seated correctly. Poly bags empty. Cartridge is not correct for the inserted poly bags. The material is possible defective. Center. Use the hand wheel to move the plungers up against the poly bags. Check and adjust seating of the mixing shaft and mixing tips. Insert new poly bags in the cartridge. Certain Penta impression materials require steelreinforced cartridges (e.g., Express Penta Putty). Replace cartridge. Please contact our Service Center. 11 12 7. Maintenance and Care 7.1 Exchanging the plunger discs Always turn off the unit and disconnect the plug from the power source before changing the plunger discs. Only original parts may be used as replacements to insure safe operation. If damaged, the plunger discs must be replaced. To exchange, unscrew the screw in the centre of the plunger disc. Remove the disc and screw a new one into place (Fig. l). When changing the plunger discs, you must position the smooth side of the new discs to coincide with the poly bag surface. The opposite side of the discs with a fan-shaped design should face toward the plunger rods; otherwise, the poly bags might be damaged. 7.2 Care Clean all components with a soft cloth and, if necessary, a mild detergent. For disinfection use commonly available disinfection sprays. Under no circumstances use solvents or scouring agents as they will permanently damage the plastic. Do not allow detergent or water to enter the mixing unit. Pursept-A and FD 322 are not available in all countries. 7.3 Maintenance and Repair No components inside the unit require servicing or repairing by the user. 3M ESPE will only take the responsibility for the safety, reliability and correct functioning of the mixer if: - Any modifications or repairs have only been carried out by personnel authorized to do so by 3M ESPE; - The electrical installation complies with all regulatory requirements; - The mixer is operated according to these instructions; The plastic cartridges are, dependent on the frequency of being used, wearing parts and thus are not covered by the guarantee for this unit. They should be regularly checked as regards signs of wear and tear (e.g., fissures) and replaced with new ones two years after initial operation at the very latest. User is responsible for determining the suitability of the product for user s application. If this product is defective within the warranty period, your exclusive remedy and 3M ESPE s sole obligation shall be repair or replacement of the 3M ESPE product. 9.2 Limitation of Liability Except where prohibited by law, 3M ESPE will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from this product, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential, regardless of the theory asserted, including warranty, contract, negligence or strict liability. Information valid as of January Actual product may differ slightly to that depicted. Please read this Instruction Manual thoroughly before use and keep in a safe place for future reference.Failure to follow the safety rules and other basic safety OWNER S MANUAL Read these instructions before use.OWNER S MANUAL Read these instructions before use.OWNER S MANUAL Read these instructions before use.If you are not sure of the type of power available, consult an Speed Connect Automatic Dispensing Hot Water Pot with Reboil Function On behalf of the entire team at Thane Housewares, we appreciate your recent purchase of the FLAVORCHEF cooking system, which will provide you with healthy and tasty meals for User s Guide Thank you for purchasing this product. For optimum performance and safety, please read these instructions carefully. User Memo: Date of purchase: Dealer name: Dealer address: You have bought a great, innovative product from Showtec. The Showtec 19 LED Tube Controller brings excitement to any venue. Whether you want simple Your system includes the following items: 1 Fascination 700 HVLP Tanning Pro The DuPont Corian covers seam performance, not User and Installation Guide BlueFIDELITYTM Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Model 300 Contents Instruction Manual Young children should be supervised to Unplug lamp before servicing. Electrical User Manual American Megatrends, Inc. 5555 Oakbrook Parkway, Building 200 The cooling system is pressurized when the engine is warm. When opening the expansion tank, wear gloves and other appropriate Missing Parts? 4 Installation (Wall mount) 6-9 Installation (Eave mount) For Models: DH45S DH65S SLM - 3801 OWNER'S MANUAL Customer Service Tel: 1-800-268-3319 Superex Canada Ltd, Toronto,M2H 3B8 Made in China Table of Contents A). Important Safety Instructions B). Charging Warning Failure to Gate Instructions (1) Assembly and Installation Instructions Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure that your gate extension is properly installed. Improper installation Keep in a safe place for future reference. CONTENTS A. PRODUCT INTRODUCTION 2 B. TECHNICAL Maintenance Guide You have chosen a quality product User Guide Nothing herein should Please ensure that this guide is fully understood before operating the Due to continuing improvements, actual product may differ slightly from the product OWNER S MANUAL Read these instructions before use. Model: MM14CHCSCS L-20084-E-040 In accordance with Nexen s established policy of constant product improvement, the specifications Written By: Walter Galan INTRODUCTION Use this guide to replace a broken LCD.The tilt-shift mechanism enables Use only specified peripheral equipment and interface cables or you may experience problems. When We work around the clock and around the globe to ensure that our products maintain With Tassimo, you can now enjoy your favourite hot beverage any time. Rich filter coffee, Retain this Owner s Manual for future reference.You have just purchased one of the many fine products. For ease of installation and continued enjoyment of File with maintenance Digital Remote Meter for Monitoring System Performance. Version: RM-1 Digital Remote Meter for Monitoring System Performance. Version: RM-1 1098 Washington Crossing Road Washington Crossing, PA 18977 USA For your own safety and knowledge, please read this manual before installing or operating the device. Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do Please read all instructions before commencing Operation Manual Version: 1.2. This User Agreement (the Agreement ) is a legal agreement between you ( You ), and Corsair Memory, Inc. ( Corsair ). To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy, including cookie policy. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser English Magyar HUF EUR GBP Open navigation Offers About us Blog Registration Login 0 Cart is empty Your cart is empty and sad:( Put something into your cart Total 0 EUR Open cart Homepage Impression materials, Temporary materials Polyether impr.The most important feature is the reliability of the impression - even under difficult clinical conditions - and the high precision fit of the finished work. Dr. Priti Thanasi, from Broughton Dental Practice, Leicestershire, reported that Impregum Polyether Impression Material is very good its a reliable and accurate material. I would never use anything else. In fact, Priti was so convinced by the benefits of Impregum that she admitted that she hasnt wanted to try an alternative material. See what others say after their purchase Buyers' book Similar products: 3M Espe Impregum Penta Soft Intro Kit For Pentamix 3 mixing machines Price (Gross): 175,13 EUR 175.13404236618 For order Add to cart 3M Espe Impregum Penta H DuoSoft Metal Cartridge for Pentamix 3 Mixing Machines Price (Gross): 56,75 EUR 56.751926401219 For order See more What do you think of this product. Write a comment! Reviews Not yet any reviews for this product. Cookie settings Our site also uses cookies details settings you can change the settings any time, under the link in the footer Okay Necessary cookies These cookies are required to make the webshop work. Marketing cookies These cookies help us to display information relevant to your interests, Facebook and Google connection also need these cookies. With the touch of a button, it mixes and dispenses a completely homogeneous mix. Dispenses 3M ESPE.With the touch of a button, it mixes and dispenses a completely homogeneous mix. Suggested Applications Mounting the.Sign up for our newsletter today. Il n’est permis d’utiliser ces deux guide-faisceaux que pour les indications indiquees; ils ne peuvent pas etre utilises pour la polymerisation standard d’obturations, etant donne qu’ils ne permettraient pas de garantir une polymerisation complete suffisante. Le support est donc operationnel. Il faut pour cela exercer une force nettement perceptible. Si 20 secondes sont reglees, le reglage passe de nouveau a 5 secondes. Si l’on maintient la pression sur la touche, le reglage passe toujours a la valeur suivante. - La touche pour le choix du temps d’exposition est inactive pendant l’exposition. Eviter tout contact avec le materiau d’obturation! - Maintenir le guide faisceau toujours propre pour obtenir toute l’intensite lumineuse. - Les guide-faisceaux endommages portent atteinte d'une maniere determinante au flux lumineux et doivent etre immediatement remplaces en raison du risque de blessures du aux bords tranchants. Mesure de l’intensite lumineuse On ne peut proceder a une determination fiable de l’intensite lumineuse de la piece a main Elipar FreeLight 2 que sur le support Elipar FreeLight 2 qui lui est associe. La surface de mesure se trouve sur le support a la base de la piece a main. Une mesure sur le support Elipar FreeLight (predecesseur de Elipar FreeLight 2) ainsi que sur d’autres appareils donne des resultats errones etant donne que les sources de lumiere et l’agencement des pieces composant l’appareil sont differents. Ou: remplacer le guide faisceau defectueux par un nouveau. Ou bien: si les deux 22 mesures susnommees n’apportent pas d’amelioration, appeler le service apres-vente 3M ESPE ou le concessionnaire competent. 100 80 60 40 20 LED bleues 100 80 60 40 20 Signal de decharge de l’accumulateur Si, en raison de l’emploi frequent de la piece a main, la charge de l’accumulateur a baisse en dessous d’environ 10, il n’est plus possible que de proceder a un nombre restreint de polymerisations. Mode Power-Down Lorsque la piece a main est placee sur le support, toutes les fonctions et toutes les LED s’eteignent et la piece a main passe en mode Power-Down. Ainsi, la consommation de courant de l’accumulateur se reduit au minimum. Elle affiche le type et le temps d’exposition regles en dernier. Erreurs La LED jaune clignote sur le support. La LED verte sur le support ne s’allume pas bien que la fiche soit branchee sur le secteur. Faire reparer le support.L’operation d’exposition L’accumulateur est vide.Aucune autre exposition n’est possible. Un signal d’erreur retentit pendant 2 secondes en appuyant sur la touche de demarrage. La piece a main a chauffe exagerement pendant les expositions precedentes. Les signaux sonores continus sont emis et la LED jaune clignote rapidement quand la piece a main est placee sur le support. Ne pas plier les pointes pendant le sechage. Remplacement de l’accumulateur Ne jamais placer la piece a main sans accumulateur sur le support. N’utiliser que des accumulateurs 3M ESPE. C’est la raison pour laquelle, au debut, peu d’expositions sont possibles avec une charge de l’accumulateur. Nettoyage du guide faisceau Le guide faisceau peut etre autoclave. Ne pas plier les contacts de charge pendant le sechage. Elimination Afin de proteger l’environnement, votre nouvel appareil contient un accumulateur a l’hydrure metallique de nickel. Information clients Nul n’est autorise a fournir des renseignements autres que ceux enonces dans ce mode d’emploi. Garantie 3M ESPE garantit que ce produit est exempt de toute defectuosite, tant du point de vue des materiaux que de la fabrication. Ce qui suit tient lieu de toutes autres garanties, y compris les garanties implicites de qualite marchande et d’adaptation a un usage particulier. Il appartient a l’utilisateur de s’assurer que le produit convient a l’usage auquel il le destine. Dans le cas ou ce produit s’avererait defectueux durant la periode de garantie, la seule obligation de 3M ESPE se limite a remplacer ou a reparer le produit 3M ESPE. Restriction de la responsabilite Sous reserve d’une interdiction par la loi, 3M ESPE ne saurait etre tenue responsable des pertes ou des dommages directs, indirects, speciaux, fortuits ou consequents resultant de l’utilisation de ce produit 3M ESPE, y compris celles de violation de garantie, de responsabilite contractuelle, de negligence ou de responsabilite stricte. LED-Polymerisationsgerat. Technisches Produktprofil LED-Polymerisationsgerat. Technisches Produktprofil.Insbesondere tiefe Kavitaten erfordern fur eine vollstandige Polymerisation eines Composites eine hohe Lichtintensitat. Eine unvollstandige Polymerisation kann die mechanischen und physikalischen Materialeigenschaften beeintrachtigen und zu einer erhohten Wasseraufnahme und damit zu Verfarbungen fuhren. Obgleich Halogenlampen am haufigsten zur Polymerisation von Dentalmaterialien eingesetzt werden, ist nur ein enger Bereich ihres breiten Emissionsspektrums dafur nutzbar. Ein erheblicher Anteil des abgestrahlten Lichts dieser Lampen ist unwirksam und kann zu einem unerwunschten Anstieg der Zahntemperatur fuhren. Im Gegensatz zu Halogenlampen erzeugen Licht emittierende Dioden (LEDs) durch die Kombination spezieller Halbleiter blaues Licht mit einem schmalen Emissionsspektrum, das sich ideal fur die Polymerisation von Zahn-Compositen eignet. Ubersicht uber Lichtpolymerisationsverfahren Die Wirksamkeit von blauem Licht zur Lichtpolymerisation von Zahn-Compositen ist seit den 70er Jahren bekannt. Am haufigsten werden hierfur Halogenlampen als Lichtquelle verwendet. Blaues Licht mit einer Wellenlange von 410 bis 500 nm ist hierbei von zentraler Bedeutung, da das Absorptionsmaximum von Campherchinon, das in den meisten Dentalmaterialien als Fotoinitiator verwendet wird, in diesem Bereich liegt (465 nm).