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bosch power box manualUse only the charger which accompanied your product or direct replacement as listed in the catalog or this manual. Equalizer Your Jobsite Stereo has 5 selectable preset equalizer settings and custom setting which allow you to custom select the level of Bass and Treble tones. To insert battery, align battery with terminals and slide battery pack onto terminal until it locks into position. Do not force. To release battery, depress battery release button and slide battery of the terminals. If the battery pack is too hot or too cold, the charger will not fast charge the battery. (This may happen if the battery pack is hot from heavy use). Preventive maintenance performed by unauthorized personnel may result in misplacing of internal wires and components which could cause serious hazard. We recommend that all tool service be performed by a Bosch Factory Service Center or Authorized Bosch Service Station. The portable radio features a powered USB port. The Bosch Power Box can be powered by Bosch 18 V Lithium-ion batteries or plugging into a 120V outlet. Its built-in battery charger will charge the user's Lithium-ion batteries as well. The PB360C also features four 120V power outlets for connecting tools or other devices. Male-to-Male Auxiliary Cable, (2) AA Batteries for Clock Call us at 1-877-BOSCH99 (1-877-267-2499) or visit the Frequently Asked Questions. We may already have the answer for your questions. Text us here. Mon-Fri: 7:00-19:00 CST. Instrucciones de funcionamiento y seguridadConsumer Information. Pour obtenir des informations etLlame gratis paraFor English Version. See page 2. Version francaise. Voir page 14. Version en espanol. Ver la pagina 26Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.A polarized plug has two blades withA grounding type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong.

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The wide blade or theIf the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician forServicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged inApparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing water and that no object filled with liquids such as vasesWarning: To reduce risk of electric shock, only plug the unit into a Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protectedGFCI protection.Safety.2-3. Releasing and Inserting the Battery Pack.10. To Power the Unit.11. Battery Disposal.4. Trouble Shooting.12. Important Safety Instructions.2. Charging the Battery Pack.10. Table of Contents.3. Important Charging Notes.11. Use of the Convenient 4-way Outlets.11. Battery Care.4. Changing Clock Batteries.12. Functional Description and Specifications.5. Maintenance.13. Accessories.13. LCD Displays.6. Setting the Clock.6. Operating Instructions.8-9. Audio Settings.8. Radio Function.8. Aux Function.8. Bluetooth Pairing Function.9. USB Charging.9. FCC StatementThis device complies with FCC radiation exposure limits setThis device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) thisAny changes or modifications not expressly. Industry Canada (IC)This device complies with Industry Canada’s licence-exempt. RSSs. Operation is subject to the following two conditions. NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to complyThis equipment generates, uses andHowever, there is noThe device meets the exemption from the routine evaluationRF exposure, users can obtain Canadian information on RFBefore using battery charger, read all instructions andC). This is important to prevent serious damage to theUse only the charger which accompanied your productBattery leakage may occur under extreme usage orAvoid contact with skin andIf the liquid contacts your eyes,Do not disassemble radio unit or operate the radio unit ifPlace radio unit on flat non-flammable surfaces andIf smoke or melting of the caseDo not recharge battery in damp or wet environment. DoIf battery case isCharge only Bosch approved rechargeable batteries. See. Functional Description and Specifications. Other types ofUse of an attachment not recommended or sold by. Bosch may result in a risk of fire, electric shock or injuryC). Store radio unit and battery pack in locations where. Battery CareWhen batteries are not in tool or. CAUTION: Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectlyNOT place batteries in a tool box or pocket with nails,Battery DisposalDo not attempt to disassemble theCanada.Fire or injury mayThe RBRC program provides a convenient alterative toLithium-ion Batteries. Please call 1-800-8-BATTERY for information on Li-ion batteryIf equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the battery must beSeal on the lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery indicates. Robert Bosch Tool Corporation is voluntarilyJobsite Stereo with 4-way outletVoltage Rating. Amperes. Compatible Batteries. Outlets. Radio. MemoryAmperes: 10 A. AM 530-1710kHz. FM 87.5-107.9MHz. AM 10-presets. FM 20-presetsEqualizer. Equalizer or when Custom button is pressed.If the batteryTEMPERATURE icon will NOT illuminate or flash whenAlso displaysSetting the Clock. When the AC plug or the battery pack is inserted, the unitFollow the steps below to set the correct local time.Note: 2 AA batteries are needed to keep time current whenReplace AA batteries when unit noDial spins 360-degrees.Press once to toggle between radio station presets. PressTune in to desired radio station, Press Memory, usePress once, usePress again, useOperating InstructionsFollow the steps below to preset a station:PRESET and the preset number will flash on the display. Equalizer. Your Jobsite Stereo has 5 selectable preset equalizer settingsPRESET and the stationPressing Equalizer repeatedly will select through 5 equalizerJAZZ, ROCK, POP, CLASSICAL, and CUSTOM. Note: Once 20 stations for FM or 10 stations for AM are set,To set CUSTOM Bass and Treble settings, follow the stepsAUX Function. If you want to use an external audio player such as a digitalPort to accept these sources.AUX 1 intended for use when it is more desirable to control theYour custom bass and treble settings are now saved, andNote: Bass and Treble settings each have a range of 0 (min)If a weak signal is received byRadio FunctionFollow the steps below to tune the station:Note: If there is no station received when the unit stopsPowerBox. Note: Set your personal device audio outputPowerBox. Now control volume with the volume controlThe USB port is designed to charge most USB-enabledFollow the steps below to charge your USB-enabled device:Insert the other end of yourYour device should begin toNote: With your Jobsite Stereo plugged into a 120V powerBattery Pack. Open charger door by releasing latch. Plug the unit’s powerThe charging icons willNote: It is recommended that the battery charger bay doorTo release or insert the battery pack from radio unit, openTo insert battery,Do not force. To release battery, depress battery release button and slideCharge only Bosch batteries (BAT600. WARNING BAT620). Other batteries may burstRead additional safetyWhen the batteryClean with cottonCenter. See “Tools, Electric” in the Yellow Pages forNote: Use of chargers or battery packs not sold by Bosch willTo power the unitPlug the AC power cord of the unit into a standard ACNote: The unit starts charging the battery automaticallyTo Operate by the Battery. Bosch battery pack supplies DC power to the unit in allTo reduce risk of electric shock, only plugDo not use where water is likely to enterOnly plug radio intoUse of the ConvenientTo reduce the risk. The combined output rating of the fourWith the Unit plugged into AC power, perform the followingDo not use mismatchedTrouble Shooting Guide. Checkpoint. Remedy. Audio Unit doesn’tIt is noisy or weak inDoes unit suddenlyRemove all batteries from unit and unplug. AC power cord, wait for 30 seconds andMaintenanceBosch Service Station. SERVICEMEN: Disconnect radio unitDo not remove the unit suddenly from a very cold area into aService must be performed only by qualified repairWhen servicing, use only identical replacement parts. Follow instructions in the Maintenance section of thisMaintenance Instructions may create a risk of shock orFailure to do so can causeDo not leave the unit exposed to direct light sunlight for longWipe the unit with a soft cloth. Remove stubborn dirt using aIf you intend to use a chemical cleaning cloth, read it’sDo not use alcohol or paint thinners. Certain cleaning agents and solventsSome of these are:If an extension cord is necessary, a cordGrounded tools must use 3wire extension cords that have 3-prong plugs andTo avoid accidents, always disconnect theAmpere. Rating. NOTE: The smaller the gauge number, the heavier the cord.Cord Length in FeetCord Length in MetersUne fiche de type polarise est munie de deuxUne fiche de type a mise a la terre est munie de deux lames et d’une broche pour la mise a la terre. La plusSi la ficheDes reparations sont necessaires lorsque l’appareil a ete endommage d’uneIl faut toujours avoir un acces facile a ce coupe-circuit.Avertissement: Testez la prise de courant protegee par un disjoncteur de fuite a la terre en suivant les instructions fournies par leSi le test de la prise de courant protegee par un disjoncteur de fuite a la terre ne donne pasBranchez seulement la radio dans une prise de courant protegee par un disjoncteur de fuite a laSecurite.14-15. Fonction Radio.20. Consignes de securite importantes.14. Fonction Aux.20. Table des matieres.15. Fonction d’appariement Bluetooth.21. USB - Charge.21. Chargeur de piles.16. Retrait et insertion du bloc-piles.22. Entretien des piles.16. Charge du bloc-piles.22. Mise au rebut des piles.16. Remarques importantes relatives a la charge.23. Description fonctionnelle et caracteristiques techniques.17. Alimentation de l’appareil.23. Ecran d’affichage a cristaux liquides.18. Utilisation des prises de courant quadruples pratiques.23. Reglage de l’horloge.18. Remplacement des piles de l’horloge.24. Commandes PB360C et PB360C-C.19. Determination de la cause, et resolution, des problemes.24. Consignes de fonctionnement.20. Entretien.25. Reglages audio.20. Accessoires.25. Declaration de conformite FCCCet equipement respecte les limites d’exposition aux rayonnementsCet appareil est conforme a la partie 15 des Reglements de la FCC. Son utilisation est autorisee moyennant le respect des deuxToute modification ou alteration de cetIndustrie Canada (IC). Cet equipement est conforme aux dispositions du CNR d’Industrie. Canada pour les equipements exoneres. Son utilisation est autoriseeLe present appareil est conforme aux CNR d’Industrie CanadaL’exploitationL’equipement est couvert par l’exoneration des limites d’evaluationREMARQUE: ce materiel a ete teste et il a ete demontre qu'ilCes limites sontCependant, il n'est pas possible de garantirChargez le bloc-piles a des temperatures de plus de 0 degres C. Rangez la radio etCeci est important pour prevenir desN’utilisez que le chargeur qui accompagnait votre produit ouIl peut y avoir une fuite de pile dans des conditions extremesEvitez tout contact avec la peauSi le liquide vient en contact avec laSi le liquide vient enNe desassemblez pas la radio et ne l’utilisez pas s’il a recu unRemplacez immediatement les cordons ou les fiches abimes. UnNe rechargez pas la pile dans un environnement mouille ouIl pourrait y avoir un incendie ou unPosez la radio sur une surface plate inflammable et a distanceLe coussinet de mousse souple et autres surfaces isolantes empechent laS’il y a degagement de fumee ou si leNe charger que des piles rechargeables approuvees par Bosch. Voir Description fonctionnelle et Specifications. Les autres types deL’utilisation d’un accessoire non recommande ni vendu par BoschEntretien des pilesNe remplacez les pilesLorsque les piles ne sont pas dans l’outil ouPLACEZ PAS les piles dans la boite a outils ou dans la poche avec desCeci peut provoquer un incendie ou desMise au rebut des pilesLe programme du. RBRC offre une alternative pratique a la mise des piles au Li-ion useesPiles lithium-ion. Veuillez appeler le 1-800-8-BATTERY pour obtenir de plus amplesLa participation de Robert Bosch. Tool Corporation a ce programme s'insere dans le contexte de notreSi le produit est equipe d'une pile lithium-ion, la pile doit etreBosch Tool Corporation participe volontairement aStereo de chantier avec prise a 4 voiesTension nominale. Intensite. Piles compatibles. Prises munies disjoncteur de fuiteRadio. Memoire. PB360C et PB360C-CIntensite 10 A. AM 530-1710kHz. FM 87,5-107,9MHz. AM: 10 stations programmees. FM: 20 stations programmeesPM (apres-midi).Si la temperature de la pileL’icone de TEMPERATURE neEqualizer.Reglage de l’horlogeRemarque: 2 piles AA sont necessaires pour permettre a l’horloge deRemplacez les piles AA lorsque l’appareil n’indique plus l’heureLorsque la fiche c.a. ou le bloc-piles est introduit, l’appareil passe parPour un reglage de l’heure dansLe cadran tourne surLorsque vous reglez l’horlogeAM, AUX1, bt (Bluetooth).Options de reglages audioRemarque: si aucune station n’a ete recue lorsque l’appareil cesse deEqualizer. Votre Stereo de chantier a cinq option preetablies et selectionnablesSi vous appuyez de facon repetee sur le bouton Equalizer, vousMEMORY. PRESET et le numero programme commenceront aPour programmer les parametres personnalises des tonalites bassesOu appuyez seulement une fois sur lePRESET et le numero de laRemarque: apres que 20 stations pour FM ou 10 stations pour AMFonction AUXSi vous voulez utiliser un appareil audio externe tel qu’un lecteurVos parametres personnalises deAUX 1 est concu en vue d’emploi quand il est plus desirable deRemarque: les options Bass et Treble ont chacune une plage deSi un signal faible est recu par leFonction radioRemarque: Reglez le volume sonore de votre appareil personnelUSB - Charge. Le port USB est concu pour charger la plupart des dispositifsSuivez les etapes de laRemarque: lorsque votre Stereo de chantier est branche dans uneBranchez leRetrait et insertion du bloc-piles. Pour retirer le bloc-piles de la radio ou pour l’y inserer, ouvrez laPour inserer les piles,Ne forcez pas.Ceci indique que le bloc-piles est enPour retirer les piles, appuyez sur le bouton de retrait des piles etLes icones de chargeRemarque: il est recommande de garder la porte du CompartimentNe chargez que des piles Bosch BAT600.Lisez les consignes de securite supplementaires figurant sur leSi le bloc-piles est trop chaud ou trop froid, la charge rapide estQuand la temperature du bloc-pilesNettoyez-les auVoir les noms et adresses desRemarque: L’utilisation de chargeurs ou de bloc-piles non vendusBranchement sur le secteur. Branchez le cordon d’alimentation c.a. de l’appareil dans une prise deRemarque: l’appareil commence a charger les pilesFonctionnement avec les piles. Le bloc-piles Bosch alimente l’appareil en courant continu dans tousPour reduire le risque de choc electrique, neS’il n’y a pas de prise de courantSi le test de la prise de courantBranchez seulement la radioN’utilisez pas lorsqu’il est probable que deCe dispositifUtilisation des prises de courantPour reduire le risque de choc electrique ou d’incendie, neApres avoir branche l’appareil dans une source d’alimentation c.a.,N’utilisez pas de piles usagees ou deProbleme. Determination de la cause. Resolution du problemeLa reception radio estLa prise a 4 voies neLa partie audio neL’appareil cesseService. Pour eviter les accidents, deconnectezTECHNICIENS: debranchez la radioNe retirez pas subitement l’appareil d’un endroit tres froid pour leCeci risquerait de causer la formationL’entretien et les reparations ne doivent etre effectues que parUne personne incompetente risquerait deNe laissez pas l’appareil expose a la lumiere directe du soleil pendantSi un composant doit faire l’objet d’une substitution, n’utilisezEssuyez l’appareil avec un chiffon doux. Retirez les saletes incrusteesSi vous remarquez une diminution dans les performances de votreS’il n’est pas remplace, il se peut qu’il endommage le chargeur ouN’utilisez pas d’alcool ou de diluants.Accessoires. Si un cordon de rallonge s’avereCeci previendra une chuteCalibre en mm2. Longueur en pieds. Longueur en metresInstale la unidad de acuerdo con las instrucciones del fabricante.Un enchufe polarizado tiene dosUn enchufe de tipo de conexion a tierra tiene dos terminales y una terceraEl terminal ancho o la tercera espiga se proporciona para brindar seguridad al usuario. Si el enchufeCuando se utilice un carrito, tenga precaucion al mover la combinacion de carritoEs necesario hacer servicio de revision cuando elEste aparato no se debe exponer a agua que gotea o salpica, y no se deben colocar objetos llenos de liquidos, como por ejemploAdvertencia: Para reducir el riesgo de descargas electricas, enchufe la unidad solamente en un tomacorriente protegido por unSi no se dispone de unSeguridad.26-27. Suelta e introduccion del paquete de bateria.34. Instrucciones de seguridad importantes.26. Carga del paquete de bateria.34. Indice de materias.27. Notas importantes sobre la carga.35. Para suministrar alimentacion a la unidad.35. Utilizacion de los tomacorrientes de 4 conectores de. Cuidado de las baterias.28Eliminacion de las baterias.28. Cambio de las baterias del reloj.36. Descripcion funcional y especificaciones.29. Resolucion de problemas.36. Pantalla de LCD.30. Mantenimiento.37. Ajuste del reloj.30. Accesorios.37. Controles del modelos PB360C y PB360C-C.31. Instrucciones de funcionamiento.32-33. Ajustes de audio.32. Funcion radio.32. Funcion auxiliar.32. Funcion de apareamiento Bluetooth.33. USB: Carga.33Declaracion de la FCC. Este dispositivo cumple con los limites de exposicion a radiacion deEste dispositivo cumple con la Parte 15 de las Reglas de la FCC. SuTodos aquellos cambios o modificaciones noIndustry Canada (IC). Este dispositivo cumple con los estandares RSS exentos de licenciaNOTA: Este equipo ha sido sometido a pruebas y se ha comprobadoEstos limites estanEste equipoSin embargo,Si este equipo causa interferencia perjudicialEl dispositivo cumple con la exencion de los limites de evaluacion deAntes de utilizar el cargador de baterias, lea todas las instrucciones e indicaciones de precaucion que se encuentran en (1) elSe puede producir un escape del liquido de las baterias bajoEvite el contactoEl liquido de la bateria es caustico y podriaSi el liquido entra enUtilice solamente el cargador que acompanaba al el producto oNo desarme la radio ni la haga funcionar si ha recibido un golpePonga la radio sobre superficies planas ininflamables y alejadaSi observa humo o que la carcasa se esta derritiendo, desenchufeNo recargue la bateria en un entorno humedo o mojado. NoSi la caja de bateriasCargue solamente baterias recargables aprobadas Bosch. Consulte Descripcion funcional y especificaciones. Otros tipos deEl uso de un accesorio no recomendado ni vendido por BoschGuarde la radio y el paquete de baterias en lugares donde las. Cuidado de las baterias. Cuando las baterias no estan en la herramientaSe pueden producir unEliminacion de las bateriasEl programa RBRC proporciona unaNo intente desarmar la bateria ni quitar ningunoSe pueden producir lesiones o un incendio. Antes de tirarla, proteja los terminales que estan al descubierto conTenga la amabilidad de llamar al 1-800-8-BATTERY para obtenerBaterIas de iones de litio. Si este producto esta equipado con una bateria de iones de litio, dichaEstereo para el sitio de construccion con tomacorriente de 4 conectoresTension nominal. Amperaje. Baterias compatibles. PB360C y PB360C-CTension. AmperajeAM 530-1710kHz. FM 87.5-107.9MHz. Memoria. AM 10 preajustes. FM 20 preajustesEqualizer.Custom en Equalizer o cuando se presiona el boton Custom.Ajuste del reloj. Cuando el enchufe de CA o el paquete de bateria este introducido, laLCD mostrara “12:00”. Siga los pasos que se indican a continuacionNota: Se necesitan 2 baterias AA para mantener actualizada la horaReemplace las baterias AACuando ajuste el Reloj, gire el dialEl dial gira 360Para cambiar entre los modos de encendido y espera.Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical y Custom.Para realizar el ajuste: Sintonice laMemory para almacenar la estacion y preajustarla.Presionelo y mantengaloCuando este escuchando una fuente deAUX1, bt (Bluetooth).Nota: Si no se esta recibiendo ninguna estacion cuando la unidad dejeAjustes de audioPara ajustar el nivel de VOLUME, gire elEcualizador. Su Estereo para el sitio de construccion tiene 5 posiciones deAl presionar repetidamente Ecualizador se seleccionara a traves dePRESET y el numero de preajuste de la estacion dejaran dePara ajustar los valores personalizados de bajos y agudos, siga losNota: Una vez que 20 estaciones de FM o 10 estaciones de AM estenFuncion AUXILIARSi desea usar un reproductor de audio externo, tal como unAUX 1, disenado para utilizarse cuando es mas deseable controlar elNota: Los ajustes de bajos y agudos tienen cada uno una gama de 0Si el sintonizador de FM recibe unaPara mejorarEstereo para el sitio de construccion en una ubicacion distinta.Funcion de radioPowerBox. Nota: Ajuste el nivel de salida de audio de su dispositivoPowerBox. Ahora controle el volumen con el boton giratorio deEl puerto USB esta disenado para cargar la mayoria de dispositivosSiga los pasos que se indican aInserte el otroNota: Con el Estereo para el sitio de construccion enchufado en unaEnchufe el cable deEsto indica queLos iconos deNota: Se recomienda que la puerta de la bahia del cargador deSuelta e introduccionPara soltar o introducir el paquete de bateria de la unidad de radio,Para insertar laPara soltar la bateria, presione el boton de liberacion de la bateria yCargue unicamente baterias Bosch BAT600. ADVERTENCIA BAT620. Otras baterias podrian reventar, causando lesiones y danos. Lea la informacion de seguridad adicionalBusque bajo “Herramientas electricas” enNota: La utilizacion de cargadores o paquetes de bateria no vendidosNota: La unidad comienza a cargar la bateria automaticamente unaPara operar la unidad con la bateria. El paquete de bateria Bosch suministra alimentacion de CC a la unidadGFCI, utilice un tomacorriente portatil con proteccion GFCISi el tomacorriente protegido por un GFCI no pasa la prueba de. GFCI, no utilice ese tomacorriente. Enchufe la radio solamente enNo use la unidad donde sea probable que le entreUtilizacion de los tomacorrientes de 4Con la unidad enchufada en la fuente de alimentacion de CA, realiceNo use baterias nuevas conProblema. Punto de comprobacion. RemedioLa unidad de audio noLa recepcion de la radioFM interna?El tomacorriente de 4La unidad deja de funcionar 2. ?Esta la pantalla de LCD mostrando que estaServicioRecomendamos que todo el servicio de las herramientas sea realizadoLimpieza. Para evitar accidentes, desconecte siempre laNo lleve repentinamente la unidad de un area muy fria a un area templada. De lo contrario, se podria formar condensacion de humedad enEl servicio de revision debe ser realizado unicamente por personalEl servicio de revision o mantenimientoCuando haga servicio de revision, utilice unicamente piezas deEl uso de piezas no autorizadas o el noSi observa una disminucion del rendimiento deNo deje la unidad expuesta a la luz solar directa durante periodosLimpie la unidad con un pano suave. Quite la suciedad dificil usandoSi piensa usar un pano de limpieza quimica, lea primero las instrucciones. No use alcohol ni diluyentes de pintura. Ciertos agentes de limpieza y disolventes dananAlgunos de estos son:Accesorios. Si es necesario un cordon de extension, se debeLas herramientas conectadas a tierraTamanos del cable en mm 2. Longitud del cordon en pies. Longitud del cordon en metros. CapacidadSELLER’S SOLE OBLIGATION AND YOUR EXCLUSIVE REMEDY under this Limited Warranty and, toTo make a claim underAuthorized Service Station. For Authorized BOSCH Power Tool Service Stations, please refer to your phone directory.Pour presenter une reclamation en vertu de cetteVeuillez consulter votre annuaire telephonique pour les adresses.Para efectuar unaPara Estaciones de servicio autorizadas de herramientasProspect, IL 60056 -2230, E.U.A. Importado en Mexico por: Robert Bosch, S.A. de C.V., Calle Robert Bosch No. 405, Zona Industrial. Toluca, Edo. de Mexico, C.P. 50070, Tel. (722) 2792300PDF Version: 1.4. Linearized: No. Page Count: 40. Creator: QuarkXPress(R) 11.0r1. Producer: QuarkXPress(R) 11.0r1. Modify Date: 2015:07:10 14:29:58-06:00. Create Date: 2015:07:10 14:29:58-06:00. X Press Private: DocumentProcessColors: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black.EndComments. Title: BM 2610027750 01-13.qxp. Please choose a different delivery location.Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. To hide it, choose Ship in Amazon packaging at checkout.Please try again.Please try again.Includes separate controls for bass and treble and equalizer customizationIncludes a built-in battery charger for charging and four 120-Volt power outlets for connecting tools and other devicesIn order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Register a free business account Please try your search again later.The portable radio features a powered USB port. The Bosch Power Box can be powered by Bosch 18V Lithium-ion batteries or plugging into a 120V outlet. Its built in battery charger will charge the user's Lithium-ion batteries as well. The PB360C also features four 120V power outlets for connecting tools or other devices.Its four way speakers and a subwoofer provide outstanding sound quality in all directions. The portable radio features a powered USB port. The Bosch Power Box can be powered by Bosch 18 Volt Lithium Ion batteries or plugging into a 120 Volt outlet. Its built in battery charger will charge the user's Lithium Ion batteries as well. The PB360C also features four 120 Volt power outlets for connecting tools or other devices. Battery and charger sold separately.Amazon calculates a product’s star ratings based on a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. Please try again later. Michael 5.0 out of 5 stars Love the Bluetooth technology and the USB port for charging cell phones etc.This will be great for working in the yard, tailgating, or taking to the beach or lake. I did notice that this model does not come with the features that the previous model that this unit replaced which is why i knocked it down one star. But all in all I like the radio and hope to get many years of great use. Pros: Rugged Great features (Bluetooth) Good solid construction Hours of sounds without having it plugged in The sound does not stop when you transition from being plugged in to battery power Cons: Media door is probably going to be too small for most phones I would like for the screen to be slightly better with the ability to read out what song is playing. Lacks features from the previous model (PB360D) which included 2 aux imports, 12v plug, audio out, wireless remote, sd card reader, docking station for xm radio, and 50 watts of sound compared to this model which has 26 watts.That may sound extreme, but as an aspiring handyman and journeyman weightlifter with a home gym and a serious fondness for music, it's true.