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bosch security user manualCountless hours are wasted just staring at it when all you need is the right instruction manual. Thanks 1300 795 446 By taking the time to understand your company, we can tailor a security solution that delivers your ongoing needs and meets the expectations of your company. Empowered to respond quickly, our team commits to a solution and follow-through. Remember if you need further help with your system and the Bosch alarm user guides do not provide the answer we offer a cost effective Alarm Repairs Service to help you keep your alarm system in working order and help you get the most from your security system. For a free security consultation from our Police Licensed Security Professionals request a call now.Unit 3, 34 Fallon Rd. Landsdale, WA 6065. In all aspects of planning, engineering, styling, operation, convenience, and adaptability, we have sought to anticipate your every possible requirement. All system parameters and options are detailed. Suitability is left up to the individual. Every system can be tailored to meet all requirements quickly and easily. If you’re experiencing problems with your system, then give us a call or send an email. We’d be more than happy to assist or perhaps even discuss upgrading your existing system. Give us a call to arrange an appointment with one of our technicians. We’d love to be of service.Now I feel better with the Good system. Many thanks” He was professional and efficient. The result was Happy customer. Thanks Thanks for helping us out All our Technicians are qualified with Cable and Security Licences and each technician has at least 20 years’ experience in this field. The keypad is an advanced digital device that offers a variety of features not available with other systems. Its highly visible, backlit keypad and built-in sounder alert you to a number of system events.

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Your security system provides quick access to functions by To exit the Menu List, press the Your keypad emits one of several distinct tones and displays 2. Fire alarms are the highest priority events. When a fire point The group with the highest priority scrolls first in the keypad’s activates, your keypad emits a pulsating high-pitched fire tone. When a burglary. The audible alarm sounds for a specific period of time before it automatically shuts off. Some of these functions may not be available in your system. Please consult your security company to determine which commands have been made available to you. When you use a command to perform a function, the displays in the function list below do not appear at your keypad. Windows Open If a protected door or window is open, you may have the option of “force arming”. After arming the perimeter without delays, you cannot enter or exit the premises without disarming the system. The keypad will display Watch mode is now off. When exit delay time expires and the system turns on, the display shows Perimeter On Partial. Since Figure 7: Escape routes stairwells and hallways may be blocked during a fire, exiting through a bedroom window must be a part of the escape plan. Your control panel may not contact your security company to determine whether repairs be operating properly. Comm Fail Route Grp1 (Route. Your Station A group of detection devices connected to your Area security system may be programmed to contact security system. Force the correct point and disarm the area. Points display individually at the keypad with custom text. The text can describe a single door, motion sensor, smoke detector, or an area such as UPSTAIRS or GARAGE. Most likely if you are configuring things you will need: Bosch Alarm Systems since it contains administrative details. They have been antiquated. Glossary of Terms Point(s) A point is a grouping of sensors in one area of the building. If a point has a fault, something is tripping a sensor in that area. Area Collection of points. This is usually a grouping inside a building such as a floor. All On This refers to the armed points. All on means every point is enabled. Part on This refers to the armed points. This enables most points but some special designated points are still disarmed. Arming the System To arm the system please do the following: Verify the lock logo is green. This indicates the system is ready to be armed. Scan your badge on the reader. When the timer starts, exit the building. Disarming the Alarm Alarm will disarm automatically when an exterior door is opened using the card system. Do not scan your badge on the alarm system. This stands for view points. You should now see a list of faulted points. Scroll through them with the left and right arrows. Go to the area in the building listed and resolve the fault. Once cleared the screen should look like this: You may now arm the alarm. Resetting Alarm After It Goes Off If the alarm goes off, follow this procedure: Silence the alarm. If you are outside, simply enter the building with your badge. If you are inside, scan your badge on the reader to disarm. Fix the problem in the building (Close open door, papers waving in front of motion sensor, ect) (optional) Once the system is disarmed, view the events with the icon in the upper left hand corner. The system should now return to (one of the following): or or Please follow the steps for arming above to re-arm the system. Card Reader Light Colors The card reader can have 3 different light colors. Color Alarm State Alarm System State Red Armed Alarm is armed. Amber Disarmed Alarm is not ready to be armed and is currently disarmed. Green Disarmed Alarm is disarmed and ready to be armed. Alarm System Notifications The system will send notifications to E-Mail and Slack. They will look like this: Color Purpose Red Time the event occurred. Blue Account this occurred for and event. Alarm is when something occurs, point restore is when it goes back to normal. Orange The area in which this event occurred. Some locations only have one area. Others have multiple. Black The name and number of the point in fault. This is the place in the building with the issue. Do not ignore this section. If this time is very short (about a minute) this is most likely a false alert. Our comprehensive portfolio includes fire alarm, sprinkler, suppression, access control, intrusion and video systems; testing, inspection, maintenance and repair services; and monitoring solutions.By continuing to use our site you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with our policy. Click for more information about our Cookie Policy or to disable cookie use. Wireless KeypadArming the system - Full Arming - Entry Allowed. Enter your PIN code:The RF3341 is a Wireless Keypad which allow you to arm, disarm andAlthough the range of the keypad may be up to 500 feetIf you are inWe suggest thatThe RF3341 can arm and disarm your alarm system. The KeypadThe functions of theseThen enter. The system will now be fully armed. Opening an entry door will startArming the system - Occupied - No Re-Entry Allowed (Perimeter. Instant Arming). Enter your PIN code. Then enter. The perimeter (doors and windows) will now be fully armed. OpeningThe interior alarmsYou may move freely around theArming the system - Occupied - Entry Allowed (Perimeter Arming). Enter your PIN code. Then enter. The perimeter (doors and windows) will now be fully armed. OpeningOpening a window will causeYou may move freely around the interior. Arming the system - Custom Arming. Enter your PIN code. Then enter. The system will now arm the pre-defined areas. Only your installingArming the system - Full Arming - No Entry Allowed. Enter your PIN code:The RF3341 can be used to arm and disarm your alarm system. The. Keypad cannot tell you if the alarm system is armed or disarmed. If you need to know if the system is armed or disarmed, have yourThe LED will flash to indicate that a signalThe 4 digit PIN may not be required to arm your. Otherwise a 4 digit PIN is always required. The following examples of arming and disarming will use a PIN codeThen enter. The system will now be fully armed. Violating any zone will cause anArming the system - Force Arming. Under certain conditions, such as during an AC power failure or ifTo Force Arm your system, enter your PIN code, select the type of. The example below is forArming the system - Full Arming - Force Armed. Enter your PIN code. Then enter. Detection Systems, Inc.Enter your PIN code and press theThe Option Key may be programmed by your installing company toYou may have a Partitioned system. In a partitioned system, specificRF3341 Wireless Keypads should be assigned to individual partitionsOnly your installingIf the wireless keypad is set to arm and disarm the entire system, youBattery Replacement. The batteries will need to be replaced approximately every 3 yearsBattery life will vary depending on the amount of use. The recommendedChime Mode. Chime Mode causes the wired keypads to chime when a perimeterThe chime mode will not cause the. RF3341 wireless keypad to chime. Turning On the Chime Mode. Enter your PIN code. Then enter. To turn Off the Chime Mode, repeat the above sequence.Be sure to observe the polarity. Close the cover. Programmable ABC Keys. The RF3341 Wireless Keypad contains 3 emergency keys which, ifThe programmable ABC keys are protected by a sliding cover so thatAny of the emergency keys must beAt the end of twoIndustry and Science Canada. Operation is subject to the following twoChanges or modifications not expressly approved by Detection Systems, Inc.The ABC Keys can be marked as follows. Fire. If programmed by your installing company, pressingHelp. If programmed by your installing company, pressingPanic. If programmed by your installing company, pressingPage 2. RF3341 Installation InstructionsPDF Version: 1.2. Linearized: No. Page Count: 2. Creator: C:WINDOWSDESKTOPWork In Prog. Create Date: Thursday, April 22, 1999 9:28:08 AM. Title: Prog. Author: Liz Spittler. Producer: Acrobat PDFWriter 3.0 for Windows. Subject. We can also discuss your upgrade options to help ensure you're covered with the level of security you need. Call us on 132 553 (selecting option 2). NRMA Insurance is part of the Insurance Australia Group. Business address is Darling Park Tower 2, 201 Sussex St, Sydney NSW (can’t assist with enquiries at this address). When making decisions about our insurance, consider the Product Disclosure Statement. I knew very little about these systems, but was educated by their team, picked a reasonably priced system that was installed quickly. Following installation, I was quickly trained how to use the system on site or remotely. Great people, great attitude, and superb customer assistance. Ed Allen Ed A 20:53 06 Aug 20 I always have prompt service from Security Alarm. Lynn Downen 15:13 21 Jul 20 I purchased several water alarms and so far they have saved me twice from water leaks that could have caused me alot of clean up and repair cost. Saving me from thousands of dollars in damages. Amazing add on Anthony 01:33 15 Jul 20 Great Service, friendly people Larry and Josh were extremely knowledgeable about the products and services and answered all our questions. I highly recommend this business and the services that they provide. Steve Sims 13:18 25 Jun 20 I am a retired police officer and now professor of criminal justice. In my first career, I responded to multiple alarms throughout my career and learned how they worked and even some weaknesses in the systems. In my current career, I speak often in the classroom about alarm systems. I met Josh when our church was looking at purchasing a camera security system. I soon had him at my residence for a system. Josh or any employee did not attempt to up-sell me and addressed ideas on my camera numbers and location. When the COVID restrictions relaxed, our system was installed!The installation was very smooth, the cameras were very well placed and the inside monitor and DVR were also well placed to not be outstanding in case of a break-in. The installation guys did very well at any minor mess they made and ensured everything was clean and put back in place. The office calls and emails I have made were all answered in very polite and professional ways. The explanation of the system given was in a manner I could understand. All questions at the time were answered. I was recommended to contact the office if any questions came up in the future. The security of this camera system accompanied with my security alarm system is now a great comfort in keeping my family safe.The cellular phone viewing is also great for looking at our property when we are absent.I highly recommend this business. Great customer service. Great job! Kenneth Ingersoll 12:07 19 Jun 20 Allendale CCSD 17 has had a terrific experience with Security Alarm in Salem, IL. We put in an Access Control System and absolutely love it. Even when we have had a few minor glitches, Security Alarm has shown up quickly to fix the problems. One of the best decisions I have made.Bob BowserSuperintendent Bob Bowser 13:51 11 Jun 20 The technician was extremely efficient. We never have a problem with Security Alarm. If we call, they are ready to help us. Highly recommend!! Martha Speers 13:54 09 Jun 20 good service and sales they're there and helpful when you call Wayne Pommer 21:01 14 May 20 We have been customers of Security Alarm for 8 years at our current home. The peace of mind and ease of use are priceless. Diana Ing 15:34 13 May 20 Tom Kelly offers an exceptional quality security system. The security system is very affordable. Quick and convenient installation - agreement set up on Thursday and the installation completed in one day the following Monday. Efficient Service. If you are looking for a Security System I definitely recommend contacting Tom Kelly. Rose Ruholl 18:19 08 May 20 Josh was very friendly and helpful. Congrats on hiring him He did a very good jobq Dixie Graham 15:09 15 Apr 20 Security Alarm offers wonderful customer service and great technical assistance. Emily McKinney 17:12 08 Apr 20 The Service Technician (Josh) yesterday at our church was excellent!! Also, your office lady, Dorenda, was Superb!I just recommended your service to another church here in town. Thank you again!Paul D. Gray Paul Gray 13:29 24 Mar 20 Our experience with Security Alarm has been excellent. Quick responses, attentive and competent installers and service staff. Sure makes us feel safer. Terry Pearcy 22:47 23 Mar 20 Each time I have had technicians out either to upgrade my system or to repair a piece of equipment they were on time, fixed the issues and were very courteous in asking if there was anything else they could do for us. I would highly recommend using Security Alarm. Thank you Aaron for doing such a thorough job yesterday!! Greg Colombo 13:59 12 Mar 20 Tom Kelly is great. Phill Webster 03:13 07 Mar 20 The Marion office was very helpful in contacting someone for us when we were looking for information on Security Alarm systems. Larry was an easy person to talk to and seemed knowledgeable about the system. He even brought up points that we had not thought about. Larry was more than agreeable to coming back and going over what we had decided on in our previous meeting. The installation guys were respectful, clean and also very helpful. If we have any problems, everyone let us know that all we needed to do was call and someone would help us. We would definitely recommend Security Alarm as a company to consider for security services. Richard Tretter 14:41 29 Feb 20 I work for Sharp-Hundley, P.C. and we use Security Alarm. They are very professional and their products are always efficient and of high quality. The staff is always helpful and supportive. Debbie Stark 21:49 28 Feb 20 We had a security system installed in January of 2020. The guys that did the installation were very knowledgeable and even cleaned up where they did any drilling.I like this system because all equipment is mine and will stay with the house if it's sold. All the new owners will have to do is call for monthly monitoring. Kelly Pierce 19:04 14 Feb 20 Wade from Security Alarm updated the cameras on my security system, and did a great job. Wayne Holcomb 20:42 23 Jan 20 Larry Ohms was so helpful with changes that needed to be made after the death of my sister. Brett Allen 00:40 05 Dec 19 Very impressed with the timely service, curtesy and professionalism of the installers, and the concern for the safety and happiness of the customers.Highly recommend this company. Great service and great people!! Angela Schaeffer Knapp 22:24 04 Dec 19 Work was completed within a reasonable amount of time and the technician was able to field any questions I had. The system works well. Jason Ditto 02:18 27 Nov 19 From start to finish our experience with Security Alarm has been professional and comforting. Either dealing with the sales portion or installation any and all questions were explained and answered with great knowledge, not to mention a very courteous staff. Highly recommend this company and if you are on the fence between them and another brand, give them a call and just talking with them will be enough to realize they are the place to go. Joseph Miklos 17:33 25 Nov 19 Security Alarm is highly recommended. Great installers and professional staff. I am very pleased with the app's and service. Installers were very professional and explained everything well. Ginger Perry 02:38 03 Nov 19 Great service on every encounter with Security Alarm of Salem, Illinois. The latest example occurred yesterday as service manager Erin listened to my explanation of our fire alarm problem and understood the urgent need of repair. Technician Joe Morrison quickly arrived at our Cila and demonstrated why the problem was some where other than the fire alarm equipment. He explained it in a manner this old man ( me ) would understand. Many THANKS to all involved, especially Erin and Joe. Randall Griffith 02:24 23 Oct 19 We were very impress with Mr Ohms during initial inspectionand quote. The sales person who came to check our system recently was very knowledgeable on the system and helped us with their her app to arm and disarm the system. Installed some new technology which our problem. I would recommend this company to anyone needing a security system Vicki Baker 16:55 01 Oct 19 I have been a customer of Security Alarm for several years. They installed and have maintained a burglar alarm at our residence and farm buildings. In mid-August, 2019, we had inside, electronic damage due to a lightning strike. When repair difficulties arose, Security Alarm sent their most-experienced alarm technician at no charge to figure out what was still wrong. After a very long Friday, Jim found the problem, made the repair, programmed the main panel, and tested every component of the alarm system. Now, everything is working correctly. I really appreciated Security Alarm's fair handling of the repair and their honesty exemplified through not charging me for unproductive time when, for whatever reason, they were not able to correctly diagnose the problem (the problem was ultimately a defective new, out-of-the-box part that they replaced). They listened to my concerns and acted accordingly. Jason Henry 23:35 29 Sep 19 I would like to say something about the Security Alarm Corporation and their employees, the techs, the office personnel, the sales people. They have all been very helpful when I have had a question concerning my system, Someone is always there to answer my question and get me headed in the right direction to correct a problem which in almost all cases, it was me that created a problem, whether not entering the correct information or just not understanding the procedure to activate or deactivate my system. The system operates as it should and does so in seconds if alarm is activated.If you are looking for a good security system, Security Alarm Corporation is the place to go. Steve Robbs 22:29 18 Sep 19 My system was outdated, and I called Security Alarm to up date it for me since I had boughten it from them in the past. Service was extrremely fast, professional job, they were extremely friendly and were very helpful employees. I wouldn''t use any other alarm company. Dennis Shelton 18:28 06 Sep 19 Great service. The technician Aaron W was so helpful and took all the time I needed to talk me through re-programming my Sky Bell doorbell to the Wi-Fi router after I updated my Internet service. He (Aaron) said he wanted to save the cost of a service call and he could do that by talking me through the steps to re-program. My husband and I are both extremely happy with all of our monitoring and interactions with Security Alarm and recommend them to anyone looking for a security company. Kendra Smith 20:52 05 Sep 19 I most definitely recommend Security Alarm over any security company available in the Marion, IL region. From Larry the sales rep---to the installers (Joe and Wade?)- everyone was very detailed in explaining the cost, contracts, available services (fire, floor, security and cameras that are always recording) I HIGHLY recommend this company. Ramsey Roye 15:18 04 Sep 19 The initial visit with Larry the sales rep- he went over everything in detail and walked throughout my house to point out what could be used where (glass breaking vs.Thank you to the Security Alarm team. We had heard nothing but good things about Security Alarm. They worked to build the kind of system I wanted in our home. They are professional and customer care is their long suit. From Larry who sold the alarm to Daniel and Aaron Dice who worked with me, we have a trouble fee unit. What impresses me the most is that we did have issues and Security Alarm stepped up without me asking, and redesigned and upgraded our system to a much different higher quality system that would work flawlessly for our needs. All of this was at their expense. This is something you just don't find anymore. They are proactive and in our particular case, there was a better solution and they handled it with smiles. They just completed a video installation the other day at our home. If you want the best security system and the most superior service do not think twice about calling Security Alarm. Peter MEYERS 21:17 02 Sep 19 Security Alarm has wonderful customer service and knowledgeable technicians. They are quick to respond to any problems we have and always available to answer our questions. Leah Fiorina 16:13 16 Jul 19 Always great, prompt and impeccable service. I would highly recommend. Scott Walker 14:07 10 Jul 19 Wonderful company! Super nice. Easy to do business with. Something for every budget. Decent people! Can’t say enough nice things. Tracy Johnson 21:26 01 Jul 19 Larry who gave the quote was very cost conscious and courteous. He took time to explain all the features of the system for my mom. Living in another state he went above and beyond. Curtis the installer was very friendly, professional, he took the time to show her the system and didn't leave until she felt comfortable operating the system. Great company, family owned and you aren't put on hold. Use them if you are getting an alarm system. Tina Phelps 22:25 11 Jun 19 Security Alarm takes care of our School's needs in a timely and professional manner. We are very satisfied with their services. They do what they say they are going to do. Everything from the beginning sales call through the final set up was friendly and efficient. Russell Tomblin 12:02 02 May 19 This is a GREAT company. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Fabulous product line. They are able to customize to individual needs and budgets. They excel at developing exactly what each customer needs or wants. No sales pressures. Awesome follow-up and service. Highly recommend this company on all levels. Top of their field! Pam Smith 16:34 26 Apr 19 We have been using Security Alarm for 10 years. Their service and equipment is the best in the industry Alan Meyer 14:19 16 Apr 19 The technicians were very thorough and explained the system to me. I highly recommend this system to anyone Randy Sherri Clark 11:16 07 Apr 19 Security Alarm has been in our home for so many years, it feels as if we started the company. Every employee has been courteous, professional, and so willing to help. I cannot imagine placing my trust in a different security company the way I have Security Alarm. Even when I have accidentally set off my alarm, they remain courteous when following through on the alarm. Susan Wilson 23:40 08 Feb 19 A priority of our school district is to keep our students and staff safe. Security Alarm has made this not only possible but very convenient for us. Their knowledge of the industry keeps us up to date on building security. We have been nothing but pleased with both the alarm system as well as the video surveillance system. They have always handled our questions not only in a timely manner but with great professionalism. Thank you Security Alarm. Robin Brooks 15:43 25 Jan 19 I am very pleased with my Security Alarm system. Installation was quick and the installers were efficient and courteous. Very quick response when there was an alarm. I have been very please with my system and support. Mary Naegele 16:05 16 Jan 19 We had the system put in after a break in and we love it. It makes us feel so much safer knowing that we have this system. If you are going back and forth wondering if you should get something, do it. Don't wait until something happens. This will give you the security that you need. I highly recommend this business. The boys were on time and were very friendly. They even cleaned up after themselves. Dont wait, get the system that you are comfortable with. Peter Meyers 16:48 30 Nov 18 We got broke into the Monday after Thanksgiving in 2015. After this my family and I did not have peace of mind until we had the security alarm installed. I priced three different companies and Security Alarm was definitely the best product and presentation. The knowledge and know how was leaps and bounds above the rest. Security Alarm then came and installed our alarm system on the day and time they said they would. The system has worked flawlessly for three years now. I would definitely recommend them for any security alarm needs. I am 100 satisfied. Brian Van Horn 00:02 28 Nov 18 I have multiple businesses and having security system from Security Alarm Company made my life lot easier to monitor all my employee opening and closing the stores. Added benefit was that they remotely take care of issues which reduces my service call cost. Good services and good people to work with. Chandrakant Patel 12:36 17 Nov 18 We have used Security Alarm for several years and have been happy with our choice. Mike Bottiaux 01:30 06 Aug 18 I love their radio ads, the guy who sounds like Kermit the frog makes me chuckle!!! Jamey South 17:34 09 Jun 18 We have been using Security Alarm since we opened our first business in 1987. They have always provided outstanding service. The response time is very fast. Nice to know that they are looking out for us at our Quick Cash locations. Patricia Swayne Galloway 21:28 17 May 18 Great people to work with. Sales guys are knowledgeable about systems. I have worked on commercial projects and decided to use them for my home system. Installation went very smooth. Installation guys are detail oriented and did a great job with installation at my house. Walked me through system set up and everything works great.