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drumagog 5 user manualFor a better experience, we recommend using another browser. Learn more Facebook Email or phone Password Forgotten account. Sign Up See more of WaveMachine Labs on Facebook Log In or Create New Account See more of WaveMachine Labs on Facebook Log In Forgotten account.Part 3. Part 4: See more WaveMachine Labs 31 July at 14:17 A big shout out to Jade Starr DreadCircus for the deep dive video o.Part 1. The samples can be played at dynamics that mirror the recorded track, or you can have them trigger at a set level. Drumagog can also be used for sending and receiving MIDI notes to and from outboard equipment and virtual plug-in instruments. Inserting Drumagog on a track, choosing a drum sample, and dialing in your trigger settings is all it takes to start tweaking your sound. We checked out Platinum (Version 5.11), which can be installed on Windows XP, Vista, or 7 and Mac OSX 10.4.11 or higher. The plug-in can be run on 32- or 64-bit systems and requires 6 GB of available hard-drive space for installing the included samples. The installation process is painless, and if you have Drumagog 4 already on your system it will not be overwritten, leaving you the option to access that version’s samples in Drumagog 5. Drumagog 5’s updated GUI (graphic user interface) has made it easier to navigate through all of the software’s functions within a single window, which is partitioned into five sections with easily accessible controls. The dial-style pots in earlier versions have been replaced with slider controls, making it simpler to adjust the various settings when needed. Double-clicking a sample will send it to the samples window, or you can drag and drop audio samples directly into the sample window for triggering. Adding your often-used samples to the “favorites” folder will cut down on future search times. Privacy Policy.

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This may happen as a result of the following: Javascript is disabled or blocked by an extension (ad blockers for example) Your browser does not support cookies Please make sure that Javascript and cookies are enabled on your browser and that you are not blocking them from loading. Subscribe to our free newsletter Request a new review Opening up Kontakt right inside of it is quick and easy and put all of my favorite sounds right at my finger tips inside Drumagog 5. One thing that is different from the other versions of Drumagog is that the morph engine is great; you can change the sound of everything really fast. Just with the push of a button you will have a completely different sound. OVERALL OPINION The main reason I use Drumagog so much is sometimes I don’t like the snares that I used and have. So all I have to do is load them u in Drumagog and it will give you a whole new snare really fast. It is part of my creative process not to throw my drums in this plug-in jus to see what cool things it can do with it. I was definitely concerned with the price of Drumagog 5 though, now they have platinum edition out and it cost even more. I think they price is a little too much unless they juice up the effects library and let you manually choose from a ton of effects. There is no doubt that the morph engine is awesome but when it comes to manual changing things they way you want them to sound can get a little difficulty and it will take some time to actually do it. I have not had another software like this one though so I will continue to use it and upgrade it whenever a newer version comes out. It is very stable! View price information Did you find this review helpful? yes no. I've only used this software on our Pro Tools 8 HD setup at our studio, so I don't know how it responds to home LE systems. The manual is pretty clear on how to use the software, in fact it's one of the most informative manuals I've seen in a while. It's certainly tedious in the sense that it is positively loaded with information, but that's a good thing as Drumagog is certainly a multi-faceted program. The setup was pretty simple overall. The functions of drumagog are really easy once you have them figured out. While it might take a little while to load, it's never more than 5 seconds or so. I've only been using Drumagog for a few months now but I feel as though I've been using it forever. It's definitely a quick performance, as in, I get results quickly. OVERALL OPINION While I definitely have always had an issue with people taking drum samples and using them to replace drum tracks, that's another issue for another debate. When it comes to the software itself, Drumagog makes that process remarkably simple. This is a process that used to take hours for an engineer to do just to finish one song. The amount of samples of different songs are great, in fact they have such a wide variety that I feel there is something to use for everybody. Samples ranging from Motown to Led Zeppelin to others give you quite a variety. The simple replacing of waveforms make this really easy. While I'd definitely say that this is easier with some music than others, the fact is that so much music nowadays has relatively simple parts and the snare samples can be replaced easily, as can toms and kick drums, even cymbals. Not only do they provide samples of other acoustic drums, but you can provide electric and processed drum sounds as well. While I have an issue with this when it comes to recording certain types of music, I'd certainly say sounds like this are necessary when recording certain kinds of electronic-based rock music. Fans of Muse and other groups like them would certainly find much to use here. This software is expensive, so I'd say only purchase if a) you own a professional studio or b) you record a lot of acoustic drums, and wish to be able to switch back and forth between acoustic and samples. Otherwise I'd say just buy a drum machine or something, but if you need both, Drumagog is the way to go. View price information Did you find this review helpful? yes no. I initially bought the basic version, but I quickly opted for the pro version. After purchase, I downloaded from the site. The installation was very simple, working under macpro it is almost done alone, integration into Cubase was super intuitive. Departing not easy to understand (a problem user manual in English) how to use and especially how easily installed on a slice of mix, but in testing, ultimately there is no magic. No incompatibility issue that has become a huge workmate for recycling afternoon of processing drums recorded analogically. OVERALL OPINION I use it for over 2 years and I do not count the number of times it has saved mix battery were wrong board (problem of sound quality battery, such as a snare drum that sounds like a pot, kick that did not sound workable or rotten tom.) I also work with BFD 2 (sampler's battery, pearl, DW, Sound. ect.) So I do not use it for programming drum beat, but to convert eg a snare signals noon and where there is great is that it takes into account the velocity of the impactor and the volume after adjustment by the user of the conversion sensitivity. The conversion is done via the settings very intuitive that captures your drummer play with great precision and especially keeping the human side. The basic version only allows 5 drummagog replaced eg snare live mix, installation on the edge of the snare track and sending the recorded signal in the midi sampler drummagog 5. It was not practical because I did not take the power of BFD 2 and more live conversion was necessarily intensive computational resource (although I have not really felt or measured on the basis of the power of my config) The basic version are Features are only snare sound, no need to explain that it is zero. But the pro version 5 Drummagog allows installation on the track after example of the snare analogically recorded (sorry but I will always take this example) to write a midi track of it and then assign it to the any sampler midi ( BFD 2 ) and allow the advantage of great snare sounds very natural twelve o'clock. This strengthens the drum mix, make very large dynamic on the kick and snare, tom have much impact with, or even replace the complete unit in the mix of the battery, just awesome everything becomes flexible. Attention despite everything, because during the conversion live, write latency is clearly visible which requires resychroniser the MIDI track with audio, in this case it is necessary to move the midi track to deliver in line with the mix. It is also verified that the conversion did not take Tom neck for example (which is very strong in making its micro snare) transcribed in neck snare drum Drummagog 5, in this case, it simply clears necks in the midi track too. The value for money seems to me honest, I must say that the price I do not care a bit of time (and this is the case) the app works perfectly and it does the job for which I bought no problem. For me, I have adopted and question me in the past. Drummagog also proposes Kits Battery sampling high mark in the higher versions, but beware price level that badly off, but considering the quality of the software, but I think I have not tested the quality should be excellent. According friends with what I have discussed this app and also working in the studio with larger versions of the mine Drummagog 5 is a tool after them very reliable and professional but I've never been able to test myself quietly. View price information Did you find this review helpful? yes no By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Find out more. Update my browser now This scalable software lets you opt for as much versatility as you can afford.It features an unlimited amount of dynamic groups. The included “GOG” files preload different samples into each velocity step. Some of the included sets assign samples to a mere three or eight steps, while other more complicated sets work particularly well for drummers who play with a wider dynamic range as they are able to reproduce the greater variation in velocities. The real benefit is that one sample isn’t necessarily paired with each velocity cueing threshold, but with an entire group of samples. From there, Drumagog’s engine randomly plays one of the samples in that group corresponding to the velocity of the hit that is being replaced.When replacing a snare hit of medium volume, any of the five medium hits might play. This way, even if the performance is very consistent in dynamics, always cueing the same threshold, no single sample will necessarily play over and over. The result is astonishingly realistic. The software also incorporates an automatic phase-alignment feature (this was previously set by the user). Subtle frills and rolls were never neglected, and the phase-compensation engine seemed to work well. When blending original sounds with the sampled ones, they always seemed to add together well without having to adjust polarity or phase.I was impressed with the realistic feel this creates, although the whole engine seemed to track more slowly with the Auto Hi-Hat Tracking on, missing the detail of rolls on the hi-hat. The algorithm’s success will vary greatly based on the style of music involved. This feature also adds additional latency on top of the considerable latency that the plug-in imparts on its own.Thankfully, it no longer has pictures of drums being struck, which made it look like a toy. I’d rather add reverb to a drum mix outside of a single Drumagog instance, but Drumagog’s included reverb sounds are quite usable, if wanted. Sonically, Drumagog 5 adds room sounds to many of the GOG files, which greatly enhance the ability to sculpt the kit’s overall are good-sounding brushed snares, big meaty rock snares and electronic drum sounds that are all preconfigured into useful GOG files. And if you need to customize, building your own GOG files is simple and intuitive—although tedious—using the built-in editor. Drumagog 5 also offers plenty of powerful controls to fine-tune sounds to perfection, and the graphics make those controls very accessible. Be aware that Drumagog 5 is CPU-hungry and is recommended only for use with DAWs that have delay compensation.Unless those are real draws, I’d say stick with the Pro version. I highly recommend Drumagog 5 as a comprehensive solution for drum replacement. Unprocessed and processed versions of each drum Wav Files of all multi-samples and velocity layers from each microphone Trigger, Drumagog, and Kontakt instrument formats Fully detailed and highly informative manualA computer with Intel or AMD compatible processor, Windows or Mac OSX operating system, and capable DAW software installed Trigger 1 or 2, Drumagog 5, or Kontakt 4.22 or higher (full version) is required for use of the TCI, GOG, or NKI file formats respectively Recommended: This product is best experienced with Kontakt 4.22 or higher (full version) Kontakt 4.22 or higher (full version) is required to use cymbals properly Kontakt Player users: This product only works in Demo mode for Kontakt Player.Drumforge is a trademark of Drumforge, LLC. Taking advantage of this powerful feature, Parallel Drums uniquely substitutes the room sounds for three TOP quality Parallel processig through the plugin mixer. Available parallel processing: Compression, Exciter, Ambience. The Compression channel (parallel compression) has been developed with some of the best compressors on the market: Neve 33609, SSL Bus compressor, UA 1176, Distressor. The Exciter channel (parallel harmonic distortion) is based on the Evol Audio Fucifier. The Space channel (parallel ambience) has been developed mixing the real rooms of the recordings with well known MoReVoX reverbs, to create amazing 3D ambiences, ready to explode your stereo field. The technique used in Parallel Drums works similar to having several copies of the same drum sample on different channels (each with it's own unique processing) on the board, but these tone variations were created by the original drum sounds, rather than building brand new samples. These new variations were then carefully processed through a variety of top quality analog signal chains (also using extra harmonic exciters like reel tape simulators for an unparalleled warm and deep sound), with the aim of providing different parallel components that can be mixed with the base samples. MoReVoX Parallel Drums contains 12 Kicks, 12 Snares, 1 Tom Set, 2 Sidesticks, 5 Cymbals with more than 1500 pristine samples. MoReVoX Parallel Drums is based on REAL gear behaviour and through the three controls you can not only heavily change the drum's tonal balance, but also create thousands of new sounds. Even if chocolate chip is on your mind, our cookies make an important contribution to a great shopping experience. They help us to show you relevant offers, remember your settings to ease navigation on our website and alert us when the website is slow or unstable. You can view and manage further details and options here.Always with customised added value for musicians. Close Service Contact us Help Synthesizers There are a wealth of synthesisers available today, ranging from hardware keyboards to virtual software instruments. Plug-ins More people than ever are now convinced of the advantages of plug-ins.Online Guides Show all Synthesizers There are a wealth of synthesisers available today, ranging from hardware keyboards to virtual software instruments. Best Service Emotional Cello Compare Toontrack EZ Drummer 2 Compare EastWest Symphonic Choirs Platinum Compare EastWest Quantum Leap Pianos Platinum Compare Garritan CFX Concert Grand Compare Best Service Era II Medieval Legends Compare Best Service Epic World Compare EastWest Hollywood Solo Series Gold Compare. Help Us Help You Knowledge Base Search.It's ancient software and I imagine few would purchase it these days but be careful if you're thinking of it. There's a potential nasty bug with the AAX version in Pro Tools where it will throw an error when attempting to instantiate. Very frustrating. Specifically, Drumagog will occasionally load and function normally but more often than not will throw an error instead. I had a similar problem with it back on my old HD system on OSX but could always resolve it by quickly reinstalling the plugin. So far on Windows though I've not been able to figure out the secret handshake. The net effect is that I could use Drumagog on Monday and then not be able to recall it at any foreseeable point until some sort of unknowable magic happens and it will suddenly re-open someday. To make matters worse the VST version won't be recognized by Metaplugin so that's not an option. It does consistently open in VE Pro which is some consolation but very cumbersome. At this point it looks like Drumagog is much cheaper than it was when I purchased it but if you're in my situation please be advised that there are problems and adequate support is lacking.Now using Slate Trigger and I like it much better Now using Slate Trigger and I like it much better I upgraded an old license for Aptrigga and it works great for what it does, it's just limited feature-wise compared to Slate and Drumagog, especially as far as MIDI. Even when Drumagog worked though it was clunky and often didn't trigger well despite good features. Do you find that Slate Trigger functions well in that regard. I wish they offered a sounds are good and tight and there are a selection of good sounds with the Platinum version. Using Leakage Suppression technology, you can trigger a drum track with 100 accuracy, even if it has a lot of bleed from other drum tracks. To use the Leakage Suppression, first create a stereo group or aux track in your workstaVon and instanVate TRIGGER 2 on the first insert. Consult your host?s user manual for further instrucVon). Before we go further, let?s assume that we are triggering from a snare drum and it has both bass drum and hi hat leakage. Assuming you have individual bass drum and hi hat tracks, use the aux sends on these tracks and send them to the RIGHT side of the TRIGGER 2 stereo group channel. So now we have the snare drum track being sent to the LEFT side of the TRIGGER 2 group, and both the bass drum and hi hat tracks being sent to the RIGHT side of the TRIGGER 2 group. Now find a secVon of the mix where there is a lot of bass drum and hi hat leakage on the snare drum track. Works well is practice. I have some options but Trigger 2 does the job admirably.Triggered sounds are good and tight and there are a selection of good sounds with the Platinum version. Using Leakage Suppression technology, you can trigger a drum track with 100 accuracy, even if it has a lot of bleed from other drum tracks. To use the Leakage Suppression, first create a stereo group or aux track in your workstaVon and instanVate TRIGGER 2 on the first insert. Consult your host?s user manual for further instrucVon). Before we go further, let?s assume that we are triggering from a snare drum and it has both bass drum and hi hat leakage. Assuming you have individual bass drum and hi hat tracks, use the aux sends on these tracks and send them to the RIGHT side of the TRIGGER 2 stereo group channel. So now we have the snare drum track being sent to the LEFT side of the TRIGGER 2 group, and both the bass drum and hi hat tracks being sent to the RIGHT side of the TRIGGER 2 group. Now find a secVon of the mix where there is a lot of bass drum and hi hat leakage on the snare drum track. Works well is practice. I have some options but Trigger 2 does the job admirably. Click here Click To Read More About This Product Please call or chat to check your local store inventory for this item. It is this exclusive combination of replacement and enhancement tools that has made Drumagog the industry standard for more than a decade. Complicated rolls and flams are no match for Drumagog 5's new triggering engine, which can even calculate and distinguish between right and left hand hits. What's more, Drumagog 5 is the only replacer that can actually track hi-hats' open, half-open, and closed articulations (Platinum version only). And for helping isolate tracks from unwanted drum bleed, Drumagog 5 offers two different options. First, Automatic Bleed Reduction will prevent bleed from causing unwanted false triggers. Second, Drumagog is the only product that offers a full-featured trigger filter section, giving you high-pass, lowpass, band, and band-reject filters, each with adjustable frequency, level, and Q. Drumagog 5 easily lets you dial in detection by simply raising or lowering the sensitivity threshold (as the waveform travels across the screen in real time) to include hits and exclude leakage. Fine-tune the Transient Detail slider, then slide the Resolution control to eliminate double-triggering if needed. Simply raise or lower the sensitivity threshold to include the hits you want replaced. Triggered hits are clearly indicated by a white dot. Refine by adjusting the Transient Detail slider and Resolution bar. Full-Wave alignment When a drum hit and its replacement sample are aligned using the leading or peak transient, as in other replacers, phase issues within the body of the waveforms can cause comb filtering or other artifacts. The result is phase coherence across all originally recorded drum hits and all samples, thereby retaining the original fidelity of both. When traditional transient alignment is needed, it is available by simply switching off the Auto-Align 2.0 button. Unlike technologies which force alignment to the nearest leading or peak transient, the Full-Wave Alignment algorithm refines alignment over the entire waveform. Triggering, dynamic tracking, stealth mode and auto-ducking Replacement is further refined with Drumagog's deep control of samples and triggering. Complete information on every sample is displayed (down to whether it is a left or right-hand hit). You can solo, mute, play, delete, and reorganize samples; change and automate pitch, level, articulation, and other parameters for each level; change the triggering amplitude for each or all the samples. Using Dynamic Tracking, you can force samples to be all soft or all loud-or anywhere in between. Stealth Mode lets the original audio pass through until an adjustable trigger threshold is reached, allowing you to replace only the louder hits, or to allow leakage from the track through between the replaced hits. Using Auto Ducking you can even get a snare out of an overhead track, leaving the rest of the track's sounds intact. The samples screen provides vital information at a glance. The Groups screen offers precise velocity layer control while the Settings screen features advanced tools such as Auto Ducking and Auto Hi-Hat tracking. Matched room and overhead samples from one hit Another Drumagog exclusive is its handling of multiple samples triggered from one drum hit, typically overhead and room samples. Instead of pairing direct samples with a generic room sample, as is typical, Drumagog 5 matches each direct sample with its exact room sample-the one recorded in the same room at the same time. The original timbre and dynamics are absolutely reproduced in the room sound, and because of Auto-Align 2.0, maintain perfect phase coherence as well. The mixer lets you easily blend multiple drums such as overheads and room mics, plus articulations such as rimshots. Unlike other replacers, overheads and room samples are recordings of the same hit in the same space as the main sample, providing unrivaled realism. Drum-optimized synthesizer Synthesizers have long been used by top engineers to add sizzle, depth and power to recorded drums, and Drumagog 5 includes a synth specifically designed for the purpose. As with any quality synth, the oscillator can generate sine, square or saw-tooth waves in a given frequency which can then be modified by attack and decay controls, a low-pass filter, and a true resonance filter. What makes the Drumagog 5 synth unique is its noise generator. Because noise is particularly useful in drum processing, Drumagog 5's synthesizer offers control of both the amount of noise added to the signal and its fundamental frequency, which can be set to complement or contrast with the fundamental frequency of the oscillator's wave. This allows you to dial in everything from simple harmonic overtones to a highly complex sound perfect for augmenting the subtle to extreme combination of frequencies typical of acoustic drums. In addition to standard synth features, the synthesizer offers both noise amount and noise fundamental frequency controls, especially useful for adding sizzle or complex overtones. The IR library is supplied by MoReVox, creator of IRs for Trillium Lane Labs' TLSpace, among others. From MoReVox's vast array of IRs, individual samples were hand-picked to complement drum sounds of all genres. These include samples from real rooms, halls and other venues, actual vintage plate reverbs, vintage hardware rack units, and IRs custom-tweaked by MoReVox founder Sabino Cannone. Of special interest are MoReVox's Classic Drive IRs, which have been processed by recording them to analog tape, resulting in the solid low end, rich mids, and creamy highs characteristic of the golden age of studio recording. The built-in convolution reverb offers real samples from rooms, halls, and vintage hardware, along with the ability to import any standard IR. Choose one of 25 included Morphs (the engine's basic component) and then click on any of the 8 variations of the particular Morph (giving you a total of 200 new sounds). The result is a unique, ever-changing effect that can be subtle or extreme. Expect Morphing to join the list of classic techniques powering hits to the top of the charts. VST Plug-in Hosting means that any VSTi sounds can be used to replace or mix with recorded drums, even instruments with up to 8 outputs. Full mix and pan controls are provided. Just open the plug-in inside of Drumagog 5, select the note, adjust the mix controls, and it's done. Just insert the Drumagog plug-in and try out a selection in real time. However, it's a lot more versatile than that. Essentially, what Drumagog does is to detect whenever the level of an audio track exceeds a certain threshold, and each time this happens it triggers your choice of new sample. Various other applications have taken a similar approach to 'slicing' audio into beats: Propellerheads' Recycle lets you manipulate the separate audio regions after slicing, by moving them in relation to each other to adapt to a new tempo, while BeatBurner (PC Notes July 2002) triggers a sophisticated software synth to create melodies from the original rhythm. You can thus use it in real time to replace any recorded drum sound with a new one, all the while preserving the feel of the original drummer. So far, so good, but what raises it way above novelty value is that its many extra functions can add the subtlety, variation, and random elements offered by a real drummer — so that as well as being able to sound like a drum machine if required, Drumagog can also transform drum tracks into living, breathing grooves with your choice of sounds, but still locked in perfect sync with the original. A VST version is also planned, while a Mac version might eventually appear as well. You can download a free 14-day demo version of DrumagogProfessional 3.0; if you like it and want to buy it, you can then unlock its unique CPU ID code permanently by registering. Wide selection of drum sounds available, and it's easy to import your own sounds. Capable of many more unusual effects from subtle to extreme.Occasional clicks using Stealth mode.The Main page is awash with controls, mostly for tweaking the triggering levels, although I found many tracks locked on perfectly after just a couple of tweaks to the default settings. Sensitivity alters the threshold setting to accurately trigger each beat (a red 'LED' flashes to indicate each successful trigger), while Resolution determines how long Drumagog waits after each one before allowing another. This provides a fairly foolproof way to avoid dithery multiple triggering, but it can also be adjusted to trigger on alternate beats, or just on the first beat of each bar — ideal for beefing up an existing groove. A zoomed version of this window is also available to make the process clearer, and using these controls I found Drumagog easy to use and absolutely transparent in operation for straightforward single drum replacement. It has an Audition mode to let you hear the post-filtered original sounds, and I successfully used this to isolate kick drums from snares.