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Tools are instruments aimed at performing a mechanical task when some kind of force is applied to them. There is a wide variety of tools, such as cutting, clamping, hitting, joining, assembling or measuring tools. will keep you informed. When navigating or using our services, you agree with the use we make of cookies. However, you are allowed to change setting of at any time. more. This manual includes a description of the functions and capabilities and presents instructions as step-by-step procedures. Error codes and the Reference manual can also be included. Depending on the nature of the manual (use, installation, service, parts list), it provides instructions that you can't ignore. We provide PDF manuals: easy to download, the documents can be displayed on any equipment like mobile, tablet and computer. This is an official document edited by the manufacturer or a local distributor. Other document, other language.Recent search for. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Report this Document Download Now Save Save Facom F08.pdf For Later 100 (1) 100 found this document useful (1 vote) 3K views 840 pages Facom F08.pdf Uploaded by jplondon Description: facom tools Full description Save Save Facom F08.pdf For Later 100 100 found this document useful, Mark this document as useful 0 0 found this document not useful, Mark this document as not useful Embed Share Print Download Now Jump to Page You are on page 1 of 840 Search inside document Browse Books Site Directory Site Language: English Change Language English Change Language. That s no surprise given the breadth of our line: the more than 300 individual items in our electrical lineup include everything needed to cut, crimp, bend, move, or secure wire and cable and do to it easier, faster, and safer than ever. Of course electricians face a challenge that other trades don't the need to sometimes work on live circuits. Operations performed under voltage are becoming more common in industrial settings, while on-the-job safety is a growing concern for workers and employers alike. That s why the centerpiece of our electrical tool lineup is an extensive line of 1000-Volt Insulated Tools. These include a variety of screwdrivers, pliers, cutting tools, wrenches, drive tools, and keys. The handles on these tools are wrapped with a thick layer of plastic insulation that protects the user against shock when working on live circuits of up to 1000 V AC and 1500 V DC. All of these tools are individually tested and checked. S A F E T Y T I P S To work under current, you must be trained and certified from an official organization. Use insulated electrician's gloves, mats, and eye protection. Check that the insulation is sound before using the tool. Never use a tool with cracked, cut or damaged insulation. Our 1000V tools come in two classes. VE Series tools are designed for craftsmen who install and maintain electrical equipment in buildings, and combine the safety requirements needed for working on or near live components with ergonomics and practicality. VSE Series tools are aimed at users who work around higher live voltages, as is the case in electrical power plants. As an added safety feature we have fitted our VSE tools with two layers of insulation: an orange top layer and an underlying yellow layer. When the top layer becomes worn or damaged it exposes the underlying yellow layer, which tells the user that it s time to replace the tool. These tools also have larger guards to help keep hands clear of the non-insulated parts of the tool. We design all of our electrical tools according to strict ergonomic standards with handles that encourage a secure grip while reducing hand fatigue. Cutting tools are made from chrome alloy steel, and have double heat treated edges for extra hardness. Electrical tools can be purchased individually or in sets. Proto also offers a master set that has been assembled with the basic tools needed by the electrical trades. Discard tools with damaged or worn insulation. Never attempt to modify the tool s insulation. Do not let others use your insulated tools. Always use the correct tool for the job. Check standards and approval markings. Socket Set 1000 WARNING: WORK SAFELY WITH TOOLS WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES. 3 SET NO. FC-2184C.VSE - FACOM 39 PC. 1000V SE For workshop or on-site electrical work. Basic general purpose tools supplied in a plastic box. Socket Set 1002 WARNING: WORK SAFELY WITH TOOLS WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES. 5 SET NO. FC-2180B.VSE - FACOM 9 PC. 1000V SE Basic set for servicing workshop electrical gear.Contains: 1 Wrench, 1 Striking and Struck Tool, 6 Pliers, 6 Screwdrivers, 11 Miscellaneous Tools. For manual use. Insulated to 1000V AC or 1500DC. Sockets and accessories secured by spring-ball. Insulated to 1000V AC or 1500 DC. Integrated wire-cutter. Hardened throughout for overall strength. Cutting edges locally heat-treated to exceed 60 HRc hardness. Serrated jaws for firm grip. Long snipe nose, serrated for shaping bends or terminals on all types of wire. Strips any wire in all common electrical systems, up to 10 AWG. Intergral wire-cutter. 2 color warning insulation color changes from orange to yellow if insulation integrity is compromised. High performance compact tool. Forged safety stops. One-handed operation. No cable core distortion. Cutting edges heat-treated to exceed 60 HRc. Cutting edges heat-treated to exceed 60 HRc hardness. Toll Free Customer Service Number: TOOL Customer Service FAX Number: Visit us at 18 FACOM INSULATED VE HALF ROUND PLIERS 1000V insulated grips designed for electrical safety when working on or near live components. Side cutter for steel wire up to 14 AWG. High-frequency hardened cutting edges for power and durability. Nose profile designed for strength and durability. Nose designed for confined spaces. For shaping loops, bends or rings.High-frequency hardened cutting edges ensure durable cut quality for hard wire up to 12 AWG. High-frequency hardened cutting edges ensure durable cut quality for hard wire up to 12 AWG. Edges designed for clean cut in copper wire. High-frequency hardened cutting edges for durable cut accuracy. Snip nose for maneuverability in control cabinets or cutting cable loom ties. Induction hardened cutting edges. Very thin nose allows access into minimum clearance areas. Diamond serrated jaws. Improved fulcrum point provides more holding power at the tip with less gripping effort. Plastisol grips for added comfort ID No. Induction hardened cutting edges and diamond serrated jaws. Designed for cutting No. 8 and other large wires. Hook bend in handle to reduce slippage when gripping and pulling. Box style crimp. Crimps insulated and non-insulated terminals for AWG. Crimps non-insulated 7mm and 8mm auto ignition wire. Wire cutter for copper wire. Plier nose for pulling and looping wire. Wire cutter. Plier nose for pulling and looping wire. Precision ground blades minimize deflection. Crimps insulated and non-insulated terminals for AWG wire. Extended length curved cutter to handle heavier wire with less force. Graduated head, 15 angle. Specific heat treatment and oiled quenching achieve core hardness without embrittlement or distortion. Thick, angled blade with flat tip. Butterfly tension nut. Heavy-duty, top grain leather.: 1.43 ID No. J FACOM SAFETY GLOVES Silicon leather to help provide mechanical protection. Torque Wrenches, Multipliers and Testers are warranted for one year, except for calibration which is warranted for 90 days from date of purchase. Torque products can be repaired and recalibrated for a nominal charge at the Stanley Proto Authorized repair center (2195 East View Parkway, Suite 103 Conyers, GA 30013). Defects in material or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at no cost, all other repairs will be at a nominal charge. Torque products are precise measuring devices that require care in handling. Stanley Proto recommends that all micrometer wrenches be recalibrated once a year or more, depending on usage. Is subject to the disclaimers and limitations described below and is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary by state. Does not extend to any claim for incidental, consequential, or special damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion of limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so this exclusion may not apply to you. EXCLUSIVE REMEDY AND CLAIM PROCEDURE Distributors of record must act as a return agent.Make sure the tip fits the slot of the screw; not too loose or tight. Never expose Cut hundreds of thousands of Perfect in every detail the C-PLUS series is the result of long-lasting studies into The following list of tools will serve as a guide for Automotive Service Technology Lauderdale, Florida 33309-2208 PHONE (954)735-8665 TOLL FREE 1-800-423-2764 FAX (954)735-8668 2013 Pan American Tool Corporation 2013 TERMS AND CONDITIONS TERMS: Register this product Special wiring is needed for battery cables Just consider what these tools are asked to do. When a wrench tightens a Hand Tool Safety Preparation 1. Read Applicable Patents World Wide This requires the following tasks: 1. Remove the seismometer A full cycle ratcheting hand tool ensures complete crimps. Ergonomic soft grip handles for comfortable crimping. A precision SUN MOUNTAIN 1 Your Micro Cart has several innovative We work around the clock and around the globe to ensure that our products maintain Can you reach it? Not your average department store tools. Reputable high end tools trusted by professional plumbers, electricians, mechanics, and more. Not your average department store tools. Best known for its Tongue Now a day there is hardly a house File with maintenance Please read this entire manual before installation and use of this product. For Installers Please give this Installation Manual Page 1 of 1 Page 1 of 1 Background Not only is the sun a source of heat and light, it s a source of electricity too. Solar cells, also called photovoltaic cells, are used Since 1928 NOTE: Carefully read entire instructions thoroughly before attempting to install this part. Parts Included: Qty Parts Included: IMPORTANT: Please read before you begin installation.Stair is NOT to be installed while home is under February, 2011 It may not always be required to completely tear-down the post to do the work needed CAUTIONS Solar electric modules produce DC electricity Check us out online and in store for more great ways to add some easy to your day.Product range. See symbols key, page 374 Wiha Awards. 6 7 Screwdrivers 8 79 Torque screwdrivers 80 107 Reversible blade systems 108 123 L-keys 124 173 D0 1015 Printed in U.S.A. Copyright 2015 Federal Signal Corporation Limited Warranty The Alerting and Notification Do not mass produce. Copyrights 2010 XQ Designs To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy, including cookie policy. Reveil Calculatrice facom collector.Good amount of views. 0 sold, 1 available. More Good amount of views. 0 sold, 1 available. You are the light of the world. For the purpose of effective and timely delivery of repaired motors, reliability and conformity to standards as well as saving cost for the corporation, KRPC management engaged a committee to follow up the fact finding report from WRPC rewinding workshop and come up with modalities for establishing such in KRPC. KRPC Rewinding Workshop Establishment Committee Members participated in series of meetings with the objective of doing justice to the committee’s terms of reference. The meetings focused on a review of the overall electric motor rewinding process, ways of setting up a cost effective and efficient rewinding workshop, location of coil winding workshop, required resources and other recommendations based on safety. Purpose of the Report: To keep KRPC management informed of the located 1 KRPC Rewinding Workshop Establishment Committee Reports workspace within KRPC and recommend essential resources for setting up electric motor rewinding workshop. 2 KRPC Rewinding Workshop Establishment Committee Reports 1.0 BACKGROUND The burning of electric motors stator windings have become so alarming, especially during rainy season that it became a great concern to KRPC management. KRPC at the moment has no rewinding facilities to take care of burnt stator coils; hence, the intervention of third parties has been the practice. In view of this, the management of KRPC Limited assigned four (4 Nos.) maintenance staff to visit WRPC rewinding workshop for fact finding. The KRPC Rewinding Workshop Establishment committee carried out the said assignment and hereby presents its reports. 4.0 ANALYSIS OF ELECTRIC MOTOR REWINDING PROCESS Failed electric motors are brought to the maintenance workshop for insulation resistance improvement, overhauling and subsequent stator coil rewinding if found burnt. The overhaul maintenance team verifies the integrity of the motor by conducting appropriate test. All electric motors with low or zero insulation resistance pass through the process of insulation resistance improvement. When insulation resistance of any electric motor remains at zero (0) Ohms, the electric motor is then considered burnt. Hence, the need for coil rewinding or replacement arises. Careful studies show that rewinding of electric motors and other electrical machines go through the stages illustrated in the sequence shown below. 4 KRPC Rewinding Workshop Establishment Committee Reports Electric Motor rewinding process 5.0 REQUIRED RESOURCES After a careful analysis of the processes involved in repair and rewinding of burnt electric motors, the committee identified some key resources needed for the setting up and running of KRPC rewinding outfit. Access for transportation. ? Presence of existing office apartment. ? Etc. With these considerations one side of LAB Fabrication shop spaced 14.5m x 9.7m was considered suitable by the committee. A section (14.5 m x 9.7 m) of the existing L.A.B. Fabrication Workshop is thus recommended as highlighted on page 5. 6 KRPC Rewinding Workshop Establishment Committee Reports 7.1 Why the Choice of LAB Fabrication Workshop? ? Well defined emergency exits. Nearness to muster clearly defined point. Properly maintained conveniences. Easy accessibility 7 KRPC Rewinding Workshop Establishment Committee Reports. Nearness to main Power supply i.e. transformer yard (reduced cabling cost). NT DESCRIPT ION 1. Manual Motor Coil Winding Machine. 2. Multipurpose Heavy Duty Motor Coil Winding Machine. 3. SAMATIC 2780 Automatic Random Coil Winding Machine. Robust Lifting Tables with integral hydraulic power supplies; Foot pedal operation, rotating table; Platform Size:1350 x 800mm; Turntable Diameter: 700mm; Closed height: 310mm; Safe Working Load: 1400 Kg; fully safety features incorporated. Electrical supply: 240V single phase 50Hz, 13amp. Adjustable jaw tips. Puller easily detaches from cart. Internal Dimensions: 200x200x200cm. External Dimensions: 308x249x236cm. Voltage input range: 90-264 V rms, 47-63 Hz, 200VA. Input current600A DC. A set of clamping sheers (3 pieces). Support tables for tooling. Size: D1800. Max. clamping weight: 5000Kg. STU Set of 9 files 14. Digital Micrometer Screw Gauge. (Refer to Appendix XVI) 15. Also, see MARTINDALE tools catalogue on appendix XIV-(a up to l). Slot Cleaning Brushes 2 11. Winder’s Shears 2 12. Armature Air Gap Gauge 2 13. Lamination Tooth Straighteners 2 14. Winder’s Horn 2 15. Winder’s Lacing Hook 2 16. Hand Held Wire Stripper 2 17. Martindale Automatic Wire Stripper 2 18. Martindale Handy Wire Stripper 2 19. Wire Skinner and Straightener 2 20. Twin Wheel Wire Stripper 2 21. Martindale Bearing Tool Sets 2 22. Hand Knurling Tool 2 23. Repairman’s Stethoscope 2 24. Rawhide and Nylon-Faced Hammers 2 15 KRPC Rewinding Workshop Establishment Committee Reports 25. Rawhide Mallets 2 26. See the organogram presented below. Three weeks theoretical training on electric motor rewinding by reputable consultants. Applied Engineering Technology Initiative (AETI) Limited, Lagos; who has industrial training facilities and the required capability (see attachments). 7. Practical training of KRPC electrical maintenance staff on handson basic rewinding in WRPC. 8. Invitation of WRPC rewinding engineers to follow up the handson training in the established KRPC workshop. 16.0 COMMITTEE’S SOURCES OF INFORMATION. 1. Internet and Interactive deliberations between members. 2. WRPC fact finding report. 3. Visit to some rewinding workshops in Kaduna. 4. Messrs. TomGray Engineering Services. Phone: (080) 25011203; (070) 676-95354. 5. Messrs. Baken Nigeria Limited. DANIEL SENCHI (chairman) 13906 AKINBODE O. F. 90372 ADEBAYO AMOS 13234 NASIR MAHAMMAD 74073 FRANK ITUA 17332 OKEY WILLIAMS (Reporting) 18995 24 SIGN.You will receive a link to create a new password. The bright, matte inkjet paper makes colourful, medium ink-density images that look crisp and smooth. Weight: 130gsm. Roll Size (WxL): 610mmx30.5m (24inch) HP Universal Inkjet Bond paper produces crisp line resolution and high colour contrast prints Economical paper designed for black and colour line drawings. Ideal for technical applications that require high precision and excellent clarity. Size: 610mmx45.7mSee more striking colours, crisper text and graphics, and higher-contrast blacks for professional quality and striking results at production speed. For everyday black and colour line drawings. Specially treated surface consistently produces crisp line resolution an. See more striking colours, crisper text and graphics, and higher-contrast blacks for professional quality and striking results at production speed. For everyday black and colour line drawings. Specially treated surface consistently produces crisp line resolution an. See more striking colours, crisper text and graphics, and higher-contrast blacks for professional quality and striking results at production speed. For everyday black and colour line drawings. Specially treated surface consistently produces crisp line resolution an. Size: 914mmx45.7m (36 inch roll) Kildare, W23 Y221, Ireland. Electronic Desktop Calculator For those who might not catch the resemblance, the Facit 1121 looks veryIn fact, the Facit 1121 was not reallyElectric Corp. The machineFacit brand. The only real difference in appearance between the two machinesUpon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that, alongJune of 1964, (the Compet 10 ). Hayakawa Electric (which changed its name to Sharp Corporation in 1970 afterJapan. While there were some reliability issues with the Compet 10The new design was introduced as the Sharp Compet 20 in SeptemberDuring the course of 1965,Sharp brand-name. Around the same time, negotiations with Facit,Since Facit already had aIn the mid-1966 timeframe, Hayakawa Electric broadened theirBelguim, and West Germany. Also during 1966, Hayakawa Electric began creatingFacit already had some distributorsThe Compet 20Compet 20. Other than these two differences, the machines operateThe Facit 1121 has an additionalThese two boards contain theThe Sharp-designed machinesThe sequence controlIt appears that the control boardsSharp and Facit had aEach digit board has a 4-bit register composedCoded Decimal) to 1-of-10 decoder, along with driver transistorsThe remainder of theThe size and general design of all of the circuit boards in the Facit 1121The circuit boards in the 1121 alsoIn fact, some ofCompet 20 mechanical design was engineered to handle enough circuit boardsThe base is made from a thick-walled metal casting, as is theThe backplane, with the exception ofThe power supply is physically very similar, although electronically itThe card cage and Nixie tube retaining systems are indentical, as well asMost of the mechanicalMultiplication isDivision is performed by entering the dividend, pressing the The backarrow key erases the last digit enteredIt does not have any rounding capabilities, nor does itThe NEC-manufactured CD-65 (same as used in the Compet 20, andThe bug isn't fatal, though, as addingThis flip flops all ending up set to '1' behaviorThe 7 and 9 being lit at the sameOverflow indication occurs both onThe overflow indication can be reset by. Division by zero causes the machine to hang,The overflow indicator does not light when this operation is attempted. Trying to enter digits or operations while the machine is in this state causeDespite the short differenceThis change was likely due to someFifteen 9's divided by 1 takes about 600. Detalj (LOHUS070816.150) Tillverkad: 1920-talet.Reklam - Funktion West Germany (AUVAR200319) These typewriters were offered in several colors, in a multitude of languages and with a variety of cases among the many options. About 675,000 of these little dynamos were manufactured from 1912 to 1941 with very few changes. Detalj - Detalj - Detalj.Detalj - Detalj (AUVAR080516.200) Chicago, Ill., USA (AUTIB130419.35). UNITAS-Rechenmaschinen (Modelle 2)Universal-Rechenmaschine Kurzbeschreibung, DIN-A6 Heft (Kopie) mit 16 Seiten, Universal-Rechenmaschine Kurzbeschreibung, DIN-A6 Heft (Kopie) mit 16 Seiten, Universal-Rechenmaschine Kurzbeschreibung, DIN-A6 Heft (Kopie) mit 16 Seiten, Rechenmaschine DIN-A6 Heft (Kopie) mit 50 Seiten, Kennung: 521.116Steuerungssysteme, 1977Kurbelachse, Heft (Reprint) mit 12 Seiten (21 cm x 14 cm), Grimme. Brunsviga Maschinenwerke AG.Brunsviga Maschinenwerke AG.Brunsviga Maschinenwerke AG.DIN-A5R-Heft mit 13 Seiten. Olympia Werke AG, Wilhelmshaven, Kennung: B. 24.229-1964, Printed in Spain. Leipzig C1WSR 110 Bedienungsanleitung, DIN-A5-Heft (Kopie) mit 20 Seiten. Kennung: W 11.60 15000WSR 160 and WSR 110 Disassembling and Assambling Instructions, DIN-A4-Heft (Kopie) mit 20 Seiten. EnglischMontage-Anleitung und Ersatzteil-Katalog. RMKZ 16 und RKZ 10 (DIN A4 Ringhefter mit. DIN-A5-Heft (Kopie) mit 50 Seiten, um 1940Seiten, Aktiebolaget Facit, Stockholm, Schweden, Kennung:FHB I T. 2 M. 11. 49. Explosionszeichnungen, Teilelisten, Kennung: 27.10.02 Ty. 67Kennung: 20.10.02Dresden A 1, DDR, Kennung III 9122 7,5 lt 74864Rechenmaschine DIN-A5R-Heft (Kopie) mit 24 Seiten, DeTeWe, BerlinHamann Manus R Rechenmaschine DIN-A5R-Heft (Kopie) mit 16 Seiten, auch passend zur. These can give a good understanding of how these machines actually operate. This especially shows the development of hand-held electronic calculators from the early 1970s to the present, with Paul giving us the benefit of his personal experiences in using them. Here are some of the better ones: The design of the Model 73A is similar that of most 10-key mechanical calculators produced in the 1940's and 50's. Especially interesting is a video of opening a machine in order to repair or clean the various parts. Although these are YouTube videos they are embedded in the pages where, if necessary, there are descriptions of the operations being performed. Added Apr 19 Its unique feature is that it has two output registers, each on its own movable carriage.It was invented by Herbert and Mabel Dickinson in 1905.Added Apr 19 Added Oct 19 Brooke is an expert on the Added Jul 20 For instance Added Apr 19. To inquire about a manual you can go to the following website and they will help. Thank you to John for sharing his passion for these rare machines. It is also available for free as a pdf file via internet. This machine is in working condition. Clean and rust free. I have removed the cover and gently air blown what little dust was there out. I also replaced the clear digit slot windows as they had yellowed severely over the last 70 plus years leaving it impossible tosee the numbers.4of the 21 total screwsthat hold the outer casing covers in placehad to be added. I matched the thread and length.Other than that, everything is original, from the factory. The machine has a beautiful patina and is hard to take your eyes off of. Most surviving units are in museums or private collections world wide. Do not let this opportunity pass you by. Unit will be double boxed and packed with great care to insure it makes it to you safely. He got them uploaded the other day (thanks again. Al!), so feel free to check them out. Setting up this reader-punch withoutKyle. Comparez les prix et les specificites des produits neufs et d'occasion. Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite.